Admission to the University of Maryland

When I think of Maryland University, the superb resources are what most inspires and piques my interest in joining the respected learning environment. When I was in high school, all I heard from my father's side of the family was about Maryland University and its rich history. They frequently advised me to work hard and achieve great grades so that I might attend university. My father, who attended the University of Maryland, constantly praised the institution's diversity. He took me for a walk one afternoon to view his old stamping area. I was surprised by the size of the school, but such huge schools have a variety of people both in academic and non-academic events.

In High School, I participated in different co-curricular activities. I was one of the best hockey players in my class; I was awarded a trophy for being the most useful player of the term. I was also a member of the Future Physicians for two years, where I got the opportunity to view the world in different perspectives and get a greater sense of what the career may be like.

Despite being active and relatively successful in co-curricular activities, I was a slow learner and took time to grasp the complex concepts. My friend Harry had the same problem in High School, but he assured me he is doing well at Maryland University because of the mentorship programs aimed at helping students with challenges that might keep them out of school. I was also gratified to hear that the institution offers scholarships not only to academic giants but also to those who excel in other co-curricular activities. With the help of Maryland University, I believe I will be successful and find a place for myself in the community.

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