Accounting as a career oprion

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Accounting is an essential part in the nonprofit, public, and private organizations. There exists a broad range of professional opportunities that accounting students can sign up in. Finding a job in accounting can be a wise choice. The occupations in accounting range from the entry degree all the way to senior management position. Some accounting careers include forensic accountants and auditors. The forensic accountants are specialists who are employed in case there are impending litigations or disputes. The attainable instances can range from the breach of contract to non-public damage swimsuit and insurance plan claim. Their work is to find the illegal and assist bring the fraudsters to justice. Auditors, on the other hand, work with a broad of vary of clients to assess the accuracy and compliance with regulations and the law. The auditors also review firms accounting procedures and policies as well as the information system used to store financial data (“Accountants and Auditors: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”, 2017).

Budget Specialist

The budget accountant works with organizations and companies to monitor budgets, spending, sales and cost; identify the past trend and predict the future; conduct audits and assist the company’s management in the decision making process. The budget specialists’ position are found in a wide range of organization and at the government level (“Career – AICPA,” 2017).

A budget specialist should have masters or bachelor’s degree in business, finance, statistic, and accounting or any related field. The candidate can also be holders of professional certificates from reputable institutions. The budget specialists add value to the organization because they provide crucial information to the senior management before business decisions are made.


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