According to humanistic sociology

According to humanistic sociology

Each member of society has a certain amount of power that helps them accomplish their objectives within the community. Both good and bad things can be done by people in a community. People who put a strong emphasis on contributing to society do it for the benefit of the entire neighborhood. People will act as catalysts in this way, encouraging the growth and evolution of moral principles and cultural practices that promote peaceful coexistence. Making society better for the current and future generations is the goal of power, according to humanistic sociologists. Even though humanistic sociologists believe that human beings do good, they can never doubt the presence of evil within the same society. They hold that all the power to do evil is controllable by the existence of evil within the community.

Change in the life of an individual

Change is always an inevitable occurrence that nobody can prevent without facing overwhelming outcomes. However, humanistic sociologists have proven that change can take any direction in the community. Though most individuals in the society may favor a change from bad to good, various factors profoundly determine the direction of the modification. These constraints shape the wider viewpoint of the whole society helping each to understand the role and how they ought to behavior guided by a common goal or culture. Restrictions such as law and educational systems are some of the important ideas that help individuals to become better people in the community (Mead, 254). The educational system often shapes individuals in the community, while the law system will ensure that individuals live in peace with one another in a particular setting. Breaking the law leads to some severe consequences on the law-breakers within the society.

Works Cited

Mead, George Herbert. “The Genesis of the Self and Social Control.” International Journal of Ethics, no. 3, 1925, p. 251-277.

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