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In most situations, kindness is characterized as unconditional acceptance, a lack of judgment, or doing things that make other people happier. This description, though, is inadequate since it only defines a portion of what kindness entails. Kindness encompasses many aspects; as such, it means treating everyone the way you would like to be treated. Also, empathy does not depend on the other person’s physical presence, disposition, or actions; therefore, there is no need to find an excuse to be compassionate to another. Similarly, compassion necessitates politeness, consideration, and assistance to those with no aspirations. I believe that kindness is the single-most act that gets you a place in a person’s heart due to its impact in their lives. Being kind enough to help other people through hardships and letting others live peacefully makes life easier, happier, and more fulfilling.

Deeper meaning of kindness incorporates more aspects; kindness focuses on the motivation behind people’s actions. Additionally, it tells individuals what is best for them, even when it is difficult. For instance, if a person is off-putting in a way that drives others away, they will likely have no friends in their live. In such a situation, being kind requires one to tell the individual the hard truth in efforts to give them a chance to change for the better. Evidently, true kindness requires people to celebrate the good and healthy in others, while despising the unhealthy and bad traits in them. Essentially, kindness is a critical quality that brings about love and peace, thereby encouraging humanity. In life, one act of kindness ignites another; as such, every individual has a role to play in practicing kindness. The result of kind people in a community is peace, love, and unity, qualities that improve the world and makes it a better place.

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