about coomunication

The issue is unanswered and unquantifiable. The query encourages open-ended responses that may or may not conform to the research's goal. To make the question more relevant, I will add a list of potential answers to direct the responses. They will be graded in order to help the person responding determine which is the most important reason.

Was the workshop on good listening informative and helpful to you?

These are two questions with differing meanings put together in one line making them conflicting to the reader. The workshop could have been boring but helpful to an individual leaving one unable to answer. I would modify the question by separating the two to get different responses.

Question 1 (c). How many products has your department produced in the last five years?

The question is not specific in nature. A unit could be producing soap, lotion, and hair products. The answer given by different respondents could differ making analysis difficult. I would modify the question by explicitly listing the products that I need information on to get data for analysis.

Question 1 (d). How much money do you spend on daycare?

The margins between the amounts of expenditure are not matching and are overlapping such as 200-300 and 300-500 have the 300 overlapping. The amounts have different margins such as between 200 - 300 has the difference of 100 while between 300-500 have the difference of 200. The lack of consistency would confuse interviewees and make analysis impossible. To make the question appropriate I would provide consistency by giving figures that match such as between 0-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, 501-600, 601-700, 700 and above.

Question 2: Effective listening

I would say am a good listener, but some instances find one distracted and unable to follow the issue being addressed. What makes me a good listener is understanding the issue being discussed in advance to prevent my mind from wandering off during the speech. Taking notes also assists with further understanding as I can record points not clear. To improve my listening skills I would focus on what the person is saying and not try to understand what I think should be said, I would jot down questions and ask after the speech as opposed to during which interrupts the speaker. Listening in business communication is fundamental in ensuring ideas are listened to, and challenges communicated to the leaders are understood and addressed. It ensures there is no confusion in tasks and work flows smoothly. All persons in an organisation need to be trained on listening skills. It will address challenges such as complexity in the role, minor mistakes in work would be avoided and through listening one can ask appropriate questions that will enable them to improve their capabilities.

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