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The provision of services through the Internet includes cloud computing. Cloud computing provides to computers of an enterprise and allows them to access the same informations through the internet via various resources such as software, programs, servers and storage. It helps a company to control and develop its computers online.
The cost-effectiveness of cloud computing in business has contributed to a big shift in business organisations. There is no necessity for a company to develop a data center or to buy hardware. Cloud computing can be performed outside the workplace, so data creation costs are minimized. An example is the Amazon EC2 company which can access everything from cloud computing in case of failure of their system anytime (Stergiou & Psannis, 2017).

Another benefit is that it has led to improved collaboration especially for business employees in remote areas. It allows flexibility of working everywhere at any time since cloud-based programs and devices with an internet connection can be used anywhere. Employees can communicate through text messages and can even hold abrupt meetings. For example, in the case of Apple iCloud, it has improved the sharing of ideas and information thus reducing the marketing time and enhancing product development and customer service (Shen, 2017).

Cloud computing assist in lowering the maintenance cost. For instance, in various google apps, instead of spending money to maintain hardware which regularly breaks down and remained unused, subscribing to software services reduces the cost. It also allows small business to scale down when there is low demand from the customers. Therefore, reducing the need for massive investments which may not remain active (Yang & Hu, 2017).

Use of cloud computing is greener than the old IT because it is mostly carried out away from the office, thus it causes less environmental impact. Also, cloud computing requires only a few employees than traditional IT, hence makes it easier to manage them regarding payment.


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