It serves as a recognized memorial for all Holocaust victims. Its mission is to memorialize the Jews who bravely fought against their primary oppressors, notably the Nazi people, while preserving memory (Singer).

Honoring the Gentiles

The gentiles are honored as well for their altruistic assistance to the Jews during this conflict. This museum also conducts study on the subject of genocides, particularly those committed by mayors, in an effort to prevent similar oppressions from happening in the future. On the western edges of Mount Herzl, on the slopes, it was founded in 1953.

Information and Record-Keeping

Along with commemorating, Yad Vashem also serves as a source of information, a record-keeper, and an investigator. Development courses which are professional are organized by Yad Vashem to be used by those in academics in Israel and the rest of the world (Sanders). It has enabled academicians to teach students well when it comes to making them understand the Holocaust. Exhibitions about this historical infamous event are often held annually where the names of the victims are collected. Pages of testimonies, photos, documents, and artifacts have been documented over the years. All these aim at memorizing the sufferers.

Increasing Global Awareness

Workshops, symposia, and conferences are organized and carried out. It has increased global awareness of whatever happened to the Jews during the World Wars I and II. This museum has launched an online campaign which is in Arabic and its aim is to promote Yad Vashem’s website (Singer). The Hall of Names is situated at the end of the museum historical narratives and serves as a repository for the testimonial pages of the millions of the Genocide losses serving as a memorial of those that perished.

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Sanders, Edmund. “Holocaust Art Endures at Israel’s Yad Vashem Museum.” Los Angeles Times, 26 Dec. 2010. Accessed 12 Nov. 2017.

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