Wrong doers need to be punished for their victims to have relief

Wrongdoers must be disciplined in order for their families to be relieved. In most cases, criminals survive from their offenses, but on occasion, wrongdoers commit choices that come back to haunt them. Any characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet commit injustices towards others, with Hamlet being the most affected survivor (Ailan, 2016). As the pursuit of retribution and vengeance devastates him, Laertes observes that he has been "justly murdered." Claudius, Polonius, Guildenstern, and Rosencrantz all have revenge thoughts in the play Hamlet, and their wrongdoings backfire, leading to their ruin, and inevitably, Hamlet gets justice. The theme of justice is seen when Hamlet avenges by killing Claudius to seek fairness for his father. Also, Laertes' hunt for justice is seen when Hamlet avenges by killing Claudius to seek fairness for his father. Also, Laertes' hunt of justice is brought out through his father, Polonius’ death by Hamlet (Johnson, 2016). Injustice is clearly seen through Claudius as he can do anything possible to acquire what he wants. A good example was the incident when he killed his brother so that he could be Denmark's king. Additionally, Polonius becomes another case of injustice as he oppressed Ophelia, his daughter for personal gain in status and power (Ailan, 2016). According to Johnson (2016), with this theme, Shakespeare tries to point out that, once you commit injustice you cannot get away easily since after a while you will be caught and fairness will prevail.

Even though Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are perceived to be good friends to Hamlet, they heed to Claudius' orders. They do this by following orders from Claudius as Hamlet is being escorted to England. Hamlet discovers this betrayal when he lands his eyes on the letter that Guildenstern and Rosencrantz were carrying on their way to England. Hamlet finds the command in the letter pointing out a place where his head was supposed to be struck off. Hamlet devised a new order through which he receives fairness for his associates. The plan is turned around. Furthermore the traitors carry the later that will later result into their downfall (Ailan, 2016). In conjunction with that, Claudius’ downfall is very vital and justified thus can be taken as a dreadful criminal when we think of his dreadful acts. The act of killing his brother to become a king is total evil.

Moreover, in Hamlet, vengeance is sent upon Rosencrantz, Polonius, Rosencrantz, and Claudius. Their downfall results from their cruelty as well as the fact that their plans were successful, affecting their lives and lives of innocent people (Johnson, 2016). Although in the end, Hamlet lost his life, he made sure that justice is brought upon those who had treated him unfairly and he avenged the death of his father. According to Ailan (2016), the killing of Polonius was as a result of his spying. In the same way, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz who were carrying the letter asking for the death of Hamlet, in the end, were asking for their death.

In conclusion, in the play Hamlet, Claudius, Polonius, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz all have vengeance affecting them, and their wrongdoing backfires leading to their downfall, and eventually, Hamlet gets justice. It is evident that it is not morally upright for one to betray or do any form of injustice to others as in the end, the wrongdoing will backfire becoming fatal for the perpetrator.


Ailan, D. I. N. G. (2016). A Tentative Analysis of Difference of Revenge Between Chinese and Western Classical Literature: In the Case of Hamlet and The Orphan of Zhao. Cross-Cultural Communication, 12(10), 52-57.

Johnson, D. A. (2016). " Mad in Craft": Action and melancholy in William Shakespeare's Hamlet (Doctoral dissertation, The University of North Dakota).

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