World Food Situation

World Food Situation

World food situation is the worldwide production of food as well as its consumption by all. Food situation can also refer to its availability to the people of different classes to facilitate them with the ability to move in with their daily lives. Across the various continents, the food situation is affected by a good number of reasons which include climatic conditions, quality of land, urbanisation, globalisation and even private sector involvement in the distribution of foodstuff. In parts of the world with semi-arid and other desert conditions, the food situation is usually low as the inputs for food production is more expensive as compared to importation. Urbanization which is part of globalisation leads to increased deforestation which in return affects the land quality as the land can quickly be eroded hence supporting less agriculture.

Food Situation in China

In china, the food situation is predominantly high ever, since changing of food production policies in the 1980s. Chinas food security is very optimistic even to the future as the country currently feeds a fifth of the world’s population and still has the surplus in storage for the future. Most of the food produced by the Chinese is mainly from southeast farmlands. However, due to the increased population in the agricultural farms in the southeastern regions, urbanisation is booming up which may lead to the conversion of farmland for extension of cities which may affect Chinas food security in the future. Finally, an end to fossil fuel which is used in agriculture to produce fertilisers, pesticides, harvesting, and even processing produce may not necessarily lead to starvation as other means of energy may be put into use. Fossil fuel depletion does not, therefore, guarantee famine but food production would be challenged to go down.

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