What is Rape

Rape: A Widespread Social Problem

Rape is a sexual offense where a man, male or female, induces another person to engage in sexual intercourse without their permission. Rape is a social problem and it appears to be an issue in society, as many people believe they have become victims of this horrific crime. According to the Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN), there are nearly 321,500 rape and sexual assault cases every year in the United States. The condition is not that different in the various countries of the world that the numbers are still high. Rape is a social problem that is viewed differently across cultures globally, and we should come up with ways to deal with it through engaging the members of society so that the effects are felt across the world.

Addressing the Problem in American Culture

Many people argue that rape is indeed a violation of an individual’s rights; this fact is true in the American culture which started the feminist movement in the 1970s to try and tackle the issue. Although cases of sexual assault still exist, many strides have been made to bring the numbers down. For example, several organizations exist that are dedicated to caring for victims of rape and ensuring that their abusers face the law. This shows that the culture takes this matter very seriously. There are also provisions such as emergency phone lines, free medical services, counseling and even information about how the criminal justice system will handle the cases (Rose 76). The same cannot be said for the Indian subcontinent where the rape culture is more prevalent than the rest of the world. The people do not encourage reporting rape cases since a lot of stigma accompanies it due to the notion that chastity is related to family honor (Raja). When the victims remain silent, the perpetrators believe that they are somehow beyond reproach and continue with their crimes with reckless abandon. In most cases, society blames the women for the rape with excuses ranging from their dressing to being careless. There are few systems in place to ensure support for the victims and justice like in the United States.

Taking Collective Action to Combat Rape

From the viewpoints above, it is clear that there is a lot to be done to tackle the rape problem. For such a complex social concern, it is right to say that it won’t take the effort of the government alone to solve it. This problem requires the engagement of all members of the community to bear fruit. A decentralized process is necessary with systems put in place at every step of the way. For instance, in India and Pakistan, the government needs to initiate an awareness program where the people at all levels are taught that rape is not a personal or familial issue but society’s problem. This will help to shift the focus from the victim to the perpetrators and in turn, begin the process of justice and healing for the victim. The guilty party will face the consequences of their actions, and the victim will get the help they need.

Demystifying the Rape Issue

When the process of dealing with rape is broken down and decentralized, everyone will take the responsibility in the fight against rape. This idea can be adopted across cultures and around the globe because so many people suffer in silence and feel helpless when this happens to them. Once the process is demystified and people become aware that they can effect change by talking about it and mobilizing others, then the stigma that comes with rape will be a thing of the past. There is also need to strengthen the criminal justice institutions so that once the rapist is arrested, the victim can rest assures that justice will prevail.

Conclusion: Creating Change

Rape is an issue that is of great concern as it alters the lives of individuals. From this essay, it is clear to see that this problem can be addressed if people put aside their prejudices about why individuals get raped. Also, there is a need to engage and educate the community so that the change happens gradually and influences the society and cultures as a whole. With this information, everyone can go out and start bringing change in their own way knowing that it will have a significant impact.

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