I wanted to spend an hour at my cousin's wedding reception for my ethnography. The wedding reception was scheduled for two o'clock in the afternoon. The wedding ceremony was set for five o'clock in the late evening. The day was jam-packed with activities, and many memories were made on that particular day. For the wedding party's dinner, a huge canopy was set up. The canopy was nicely decorated with paper bunting decorations. Confectioners were preoccupied and working hard to make truly delectable dishes to be served at the wedding reception party. At the venue, there was a big house and at the front, it was attractively decorated with colored electric bulbs. The house had long and tall windows which gave the guest a perfect view of the lit compound. It was a really busy event and everyone seemed taken or in some sort of a frenzy. There were round tables set up outside the house just to accommodate those who felt like being in the free air. They were decorated with a long red underskirt cloth, and bright white cloth which was shorter. Each set up did not miss a striking vase filled with red roses. Inside the house there was a space set aside for dancing on the wooden floor. The dance arena was also filled with chairs in specific sections. Other sections in the house were taken by ten round tables and a rectangular head table for the people of the day. Inside the house, there was a ballroom where the guest would find a guest book decorated with pictures and waiting for their signatures.In another section of the house compound there was sort of plays cape where children interacted and played games or got involved in various activities. It was a sizeable grassy area occupied with swings, a castle and monkey bars. At last it was time for the reception party to begin. The entire house bestowed a bridal appearance. There were lights all over the place. My cousin was glamorous as ever in her out of this world white dress. Her friends ornamented her in the best way they could. She seemed to me like a gorgeous fairy in her spanking dress. Guest began pouring in from all directions looking their best. As they settled down the guest received some munchies and refreshments. I could start hearing a tune coming from a bit far but kept nearing every moment. It immediately told me the band was nearby and they were playing very sweet tunes just for loved ones. That day for sure the chirping birds would get jealous if they heard this. All members of the wedding party gathered and the bridegroom stood on an ornamented mare. One could hear camera shutters from all corners and may photograph were being taken to capture this precious moment.There were many children in the reception party. I could see them just run around and interact playing several games. Their mothers were probably somewhere nearby just admiring the bride and getting caught up in interesting stories about the events of the day. On several occasions I could hear the children scream, laugh out loud and even cry. I could smell the excitement in the air.Celebration brings a family together and is a source of pleasure to all family members. In this wedding I witnessed the culture of sharing moments through celebrating important life events. I observed many friends and family showed up to become part of this jovial ceremony and share the joy. A wedding multiplies the excitement in people especially families. It was no different for my cousin’s wedding reception party. It was so long since we had been invited to any wedding celebration in the family. As a matter of fact our cousin was the first child to get married in our family. The wedding was celebrated with so much zeal. The feast during the reception was extremely scrumptious. My parents seemed extremely busy. My uncle and aunt were also so pre-occupied with different activities. Many relatives took this as an opportunity to catch up after not seeing one another for long periods of time. They had lots of fun engaging in interesting stories and the house was very noisy. Cold drinks were also served and for many, this was an opportunity to free their spirits and share the joy. Fruits were being passed around as well.The guests were being received by my father and my uncle at the gate. Most of the guest came bearing gifts for the bride and groom. The bridegroom party pulled up in eight fancy cars and they were welcomed with a lot of cheering from the guests. Everyone seemed to be very happy for them. Music played as they entered the vicinity and people engaged in dance as they welcomed the couple of the day. As they moved about in the place, three cameramen and two video men, not to mention a dozen photographers were occupied capturing the moments in their devices. The reception seemed a chance for many others to socialize. Many of my friends hand were in attendance as well and they sparked many happy memories.I could observe some interesting cultures from my cousin’s wedding. Most females in the reception party inclusive of the bride had their feel painted what is referred to a mehendi. The guests of honor were presented with garlands rather than corsages. In the event, many flower petals were thrown all over and this was meant to attract good luck for the couple. The bride and the groom wore their mangala sutra. These are common in Indian weddings whereby a mangala sutra is placed on the bride’s neck instead of the custom exchange of rings. The mangala sutra is simply a cord composed of two gold lockets. It is customary that the groom tied three knots which serves as a symbol for their bond for 100 years. The necklace is a symbol to show people that the bride has gotten married.Marriage existed since time immemorial and is regarded with much significance in a human being’s life and the society as well. Marriage is a union between two people and in this case it was a pleasure witnessing the unions of my cousin and her beloved husband. The bond and union bound during a wedding deems the man and the woman husband and wife under all life circumstances. It forms the foundation of family and family which is an essential aspect of the society; hence marriages are regarded universally important. Marriage is usually under various rules and stands to transform the world. It is shaped and molded through varying cultures. It entails customs and traditions that enable one to define a certain society.It is the cornerstone of love in a couple’s relationship. Marriage deems their personal relationship legal by allowing them to be together in the society. According to my observation in my cousin’s wedding allows one to identify oneself. It serves a perfect opportunity for the bride and the bridegroom to accomplish their dreams of sharing their lives together. Marriage provides people with life lessons on maintenance of decency in reciprocal relationship.According to anthropological studies marriage is viewed as a means of describing the ways various societies structure and comprehend the repercussions of natural urge to mate. It can be seen an s a permanent association of both genders mainly for the purpose of obtaining the social sanction to reproduce and give birth to children in order to establish a family, fulfilling social and biological needs.Marriage celebrations provide room for unleashing a people’s traditional identity for the society that coexists in a common geographical area. Each group of people has their own authentic marriage traditions which they regard as sacred. In fact, in some societies, an action of defiance to the existing wedding tradition may be a cause for misfortune and negativity on the couple.

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