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At now , most of the people struggle planning vacatioons on their own as everything they have is out there online. However, they find yourself paying tons of cash for this as they have no concept they might negotiate better deals with the suppliers of the varied resources they need, to finish a satisfying tour. it’s for this reason that tour firms are there. they allow travel at a lower cost since they stock bulk hence get the resources way cheaper. things is even better when there’s a tour firm that takes care of all the travel needs within the world. The advert is created around the family of Mr. & Mrs. Pitt traveling around the globe using one tour firm. The advertisement is meant to promote the Around the Globe Travels tour firm. It is intended to make the company known to people as one that provides vacation services to individuals or families in need of traveling to any continent in the world. It is for this reason that the advertisement contains a city in the seven continents of the world. The ad includes four cartons which are a representation of a family that goes for vacations. Their dressing code and the luggage is an indication of people traveling for a long haul and also for a holiday as it is not a formal dressing code. In most cases, people dressed in such a manner are expected to be going to destinations like Hawaii for leisure and not business travel. The ad also features a character from The Lord of the Rings movie. The character is known to travel and has adventures in the film hence emphasizing the travel aspect. Below the character is “join me for an awesome adventure.” Around the Globe Travels is the name of the company.

The intended audience for this advert is between people of the age between 15 and 65years. The advert will be placed on billboards in major cities, major online magazines like 21st-century adventures and Escapist Traveller. The advert is intended to make people want to travel beyond the borders of one continent. By combining all the aspects of the advert, it is a presentation of a company’s proposal to take care of all needs of an individual traveling to any part of the world.

People have grown up seeing characters in movies or in stories they have read. Some of the attributes of these characters are something to admire, adverts with the characters, gets a person closer to the character as they could see themselves being the character in their world. Therefore, this means that by using the fictional character in advertising makes the advert interesting and in a way impacts positively for the advertising company if the fictional character is used in the right way. It is therefore the best way to attract people to know your product and ultimately buy it.

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