University Culture

Many universities have a high rate of alcohol and substance abuse. This is because there is unrestricted independence and everyone else is responsible for paying the bills. The rate of drug and alcohol use among American students is alarmingly high compared to their non-college peers. Owing to excessive partying and binge drinking, many of these students develop an addiction. Even after finding treatment, they find it challenging to remain sober due to their atmosphere. They, like Ryan, give up because they know it’s hard to stay sober in a constantly drinking and partying world.
Sober dorms have to change the whole dynamic of campus life and are giving students a chance of a new life. Schools have different programs that encourage recovering alcoholics from staying sober. Although these programs differ in their approach and technique, sober dorms have proven to be the most successful. These dorms do offer not only substance-free housing but also a range of other activities that enable a like-minded individual to interact and share their experiences.

Unlike in the past where students in recovery living in normal dorms felt lonely and isolated, sober dorms give them a chance to feel supported. From the support they receive in these dorms, it becomes much easier for them to sustain their sobriety and even perform better in class. In order to maintain the integrity of the sober dorms candidates are vetted before being accepted as a residence. The residents are encouraged to participate in programs that help them in their recovery.

Sober dorms are among many new developments in the recovery movement. Addictions have many adverse effects on the life, finance, and even education of the addict. Many of them drop out of school, use the study loans to quench their addiction, and many of them neglect their academic. Rutgers University is one among many universities that are trying to make a difference, and more universities should seek to do the same.

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