“Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben

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The article Undercover Parent describes the growing tendency of the American parents to monitor the online activities of the children by the use of spyware. The spyware allows parents to log every keystroke of the child and similarly provide a sneak peek of his or her private life. While some parents have embraced the technology, others locate it rather scary with the concept of adware associated with aggravated infringement of privacy and spying on personal life: some thing that is related to cyber crimes and workplace monitoring. Some arguments against the use of the spyware are that since the child is historical enough to use a computer, he or she should understand the risks associated with his or her actions. In other cases, it has been argued that the parental blocks could be applied to restrict the accessibility to some information or materials.

The importance of the spyware is seen in the fact it enables the protection of the children; a point that may be similar to teachers and parents protecting the kids from bullies in their social environments. A watchful eye is necessary to prevent the children from being exposed to potential online threats such as cyberbullying and pedophiles. Since the internet is not a haven for privacy, the activities of the children are always watched by neighbors, potential employers, and future dates. It is, however, important that the parents draw a line between being nosy in the privacy of their children and being protective. The challenges that are associated with the use of internet require caution especially when it comes to children. The kids should be informed of the presence of spyware on their computers.

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