Thomas More - A Biography

Sir Thomas More was a courtier and a politician in the English court. He was a staunch supporter of the King and his Court. He became completely attached to the Court in 1519, when he was present in Henry VIII's suite at the "Field of the Cloth of Gold." In June 1520, More was made sub-treasurer to the king and served as his secretary. In 1521, he gave a Latin address of welcome to the Emperor Charles V during his visit to London. In 1522, King Henry VIII gave More land in Kent and Oxford.thomas more's relationship with Erasmus
Erasmus' letter to Thomas More is an important source for More's biography. The letter documents Erasmus's first visit to England in 1499. Erasmus lists four new friends who shared an interest in Greek studies. Erasmus's friends had all been to Italy and may have taught Greek at Oxford. Another friend, William Grocyn, returned to Oxford in 1491 after studying in Florence. Erasmus and Grocyn later moved to London.Erasmus and More have a complex relationship in the Dialogue. Erasmus refers to Erasmus as "The Great Companion." Erasmus is Erasmus's most trusted advisor and mentor. Erasmus's friendship with Erasmus was forged by a shared passion for knowledge. Erasmus has been an important source of inspiration and knowledge for more than 500 years.thomas more's friendship with Andrea Corneo
Thomas More's friendship with Andrea Corneo dates back to the early 15th century, but their relationship was not strictly professional. While More never went on to obtain a degree, he did receive a thorough grounding in the trivium subjects, grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. In A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, More makes clear that he was concerned about the proliferation of unverified, untutored texts. This concern is reflected in his support for the English Bible and his desire to make the book available to the honest and virtuous.Erasmus also uses More as an example of a failed religious vocation. He uses More's friendship with Corneo to suggest that a priest who had failed in his vocation may also be immoral.thomas more's writings
Thomas More was a prolific writer during the sixteenth century. Many of his manuscripts are pointed and witty, often dealing with issues of faith. One of his most famous works is Utopia, which combines ideas from Cicero and Plato with rules of monastic life. It is a highly regarded work of literature that reveals the depth of More's thinking.Though More's writings are often regarded as satire, many scholars disagree about whether they are based on fact or fiction. While it is difficult to find a definitive interpretation of More's work, it does offer a glimpse into his thinking. More is convinced that providence guides his actions, and in writings such as "Dialogue on Comfort" he describes his own calmness in the Tower. More's Dialogue on Comfort, for example, features a Socratic dialogue about the nature of the soul and how we can overcome fear.thomas more's career
In his later years, Thomas More's career was marked by controversy. He was arrested for disloyalty to the King. His arrest was the result of an act of disloyalty committed by the Bishop of Rochester, John Fisher. Fisher had supported Katherine of Aragon, who refused to take the Oath of Succession.More had a number of friends in his time, including Erasmus and St. John Fisher, who helped him to establish his reputation. After the appearance of Christianity, many medievals realized that their own culture could learn from the practices of antiquity and improve on them in secular matters. During this time, many intelligent people had the courage to propose moderate reforms, and many were even willing to listen to reform proposals. But the period surrounding the appearance of Christianity also marked a period of intellectual hardening, and public life became more brutal.As a devout Catholic, More was also a loyal servant of the Pope. His increasing power in the 1520s allowed him to use it to defend the Catholic church against the Protestant movement. His actions included banning Protestant books and prosecuting heretics, among other things.

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