There is a growing rate of divorce in the United States

Divorce is becoming more common in the United States, as the number of people divorcing rises. Divorce has thus become popular in the United States, and the causes and consequences of divorce are various. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce and is one of the leading causes of divorce. Financial insecurity, opioid and alcohol dependence, a loss of contact, sexual frustration, immaturity of either or both of the partners, and the speed at which a divorce is granted in the United States are all considerations.
3 Major Reasons People Were Divorced in 2017) Financial instability or money problems are also a leading cause of divorce in the United States. This issue often is a result of one party not been satisfied with the spending habits of the other individual. Financial issues in homes often lead to fights that end up in divorce. Alcohol and substance abuse in marriage puts a strain on the children and the parents. Sometimes alcohol and substance abuse often lead to abusive behavior that leads to divorce. Sexual problems or dissatisfaction from one or both parties often ends up creating pathways for divorce. Immaturity of one party puts excessive demands on the other party and often ends up in divorce.(The Effect of Relationship Experiences and Parents Attitudes on Young Adults Views of Divorce, 2003)Children are most often affected by the divorce of their parents. Research done showed that children who witnessed parents fight and later end up divorced did much better than children who did not witness any conflict between their parents because they did not understand what was happening to their parents. An increase in worry of children who witness their parents’ divorce is noted. Children often worry what will happen to the parent who leaves and also worry about what will happen to their future. (The Effect of Relationship Experiences and Parents Attitudes on Young Adults Views of Divorce , 2003)There are children, who will often blame themselves for the divorce, or parents will often place the blame on the innocent child and this is often disastrous. Children often also become withdrawn or they may become quiet or aggressive and easily upset because of the divorce of their parents. (The Long Term Effect of Parental Divorce: , 2007)On divorced parents, there are also effects such as anger and disappointment on their spouses, divorced couples may also end up depressed and even go to a state of been suicidal. The divorced couple may also feel as a failure to their children and society and also blame life for been so unfair. Couples may also end up single and lonely forever for the fear of getting disappointed in marriage again.Works CitedThe Effect of Relationship Experiences and Parents Attitudes on Young Adults Views of Divorce . (2003). Journal of Divorce & Remarriage .The Long Term Effect of Parental Divorce: . (2007). Journal of Divorce & Remarriage.3 Major Reasons People Really Get Divorced. (n.d.). Retrieved 11 21, 2017, from LiveAbout:

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