The works of Tennessee

The Works of Tennessee Williams

The works of Tennessee Williams are examined and contrasted in this essay. Desire: A Streetcar Named Desire. Wallace Stevens; 2015; New Directions.The Ice-Cream Emperor. 1984's Prometheus Press as well as John Steinbeck. A chrysanthemum. 2014; Penguin UK. The study is carried out to find the author who employs language similarly to the poet.

The Legacy of South American States during the American Civil War

The legacy of South American States during the American Civil War is frequently linked to the drama A Streetcar Named Desire. The play is written in a dramatic tone, and the author's word choice leaves the viewer wanting more. Williams offered audience members a sense of immediacy that Broadway musical comedies could not match. The author presents his message through illusion and realism, and it is seen that his protagonist is romantic Blanche. The play is a work of social realism. There are people like Blanche who say that she "...don't want realism, I want magic." (Williams, Scene 9, 85). The play suggests that fantasy is an important and useful tool despite the fact that reality triumphs it. The author also uses figurative language to depict the trajectory of Blanche's life. In scene one, Blanche avers that she rode a street named desire, and then transferred to a streetcar named cemeteries, finally arriving at Elysian Field. According to the Greek mythology, Elysian Fields are the lands of the dead.

The Short Story, The Chrysanthemums

The short story, The Chrysanthemums employs symbolisms to convey its message. The title itself symbolizes both Elisa and her limited scope of life. According to the author, Elisa identifies herself with the flower, which is lovely, strong, and thriving, she is heard saying that she becomes one with the plant when she tends them. Elisa offers the Chrysanthemums to the tinker and at the same time offers herself; unfortunately, both offers are ignored. Rejection of the flower illustrates how the society rejects a woman as nothing more than mothers and housekeepers. The action paints a picture of useless and unimportant perception the society has towards the women. Just like the flower that is unimportant, women are represented as mere decorative who add little value to the world. The author uses Salina Valley to symbolize the emotional life of Elisa, and he uses the metaphor closed pot to illustrate how she is trapped inside an airless world. It is noticed that no sunshine penetrates the valley despite a presence of it. Elisa is not happy, just like the way the valley that does not receive the sunshine that symbolizes happiness. The author further informs us that it is December and the atmosphere at the valley is chilly and watchful, but still depicts shreds of hope. The lyrical description of the valley in California, in fact, is a symbol of claustrophobic, unhappy, and yet hopeful inner life of Elisa.

The Poem, The Emperor of Ice Cream

The poem, The Emperor of Ice Cream, is an astonishing piece of work that confuses the reader whether the author is in favor of ice cream or not. The vivid imagery and figurative language employed by the author presents a counterpoint between a scene of a funeral and images of enjoyment. Symbolisms, such as flower adds the flavor to the poem. The author carefully chooses how he uses the words to create scenes, and the poem is a double focus, two-stanza division with the shared last line underscores its doubleness. Use of rhyming words by the author of the poem gives the lyrical effect and at the same time giving a deeper meaning of them.

The Best-Written Work: The Chrysanthemums

I think the best-written work is The Chrysanthemums because it employs a couple of poetic techniques such as symbolism. The author carefully chooses the words to use to develop the play.

Work Cited

Tennessee, Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire. New Directions, 2015

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