The thirteenth chapter of the book is titled “visual aids.”

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The thirteenth chapter of the book is titled ‘Authorized visual aids.’ The chapter discusses the various topics that are used when it comes to visual aids and their use in different areas of visual presentation. From the chapter, there are two areas covered which I have considered to be of assistance to me in my current situation with respect to presentation using visual aids.
The first part of the chapter that I find to be fascinating is the question of visual aids that are useful when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. The chapter suggests that there is a need for one to ensure that presentation slides are produced effectively and that they are visually relevant. The chapter indicates that there is the need for one to ensure that presentation slides as are created efficiently and that an appropriate visual aid is used that resonates with the information in the slide. The information is helpful to me since I have been struggling with visual presentations and more so how to add compelling visuals. Also, it is right as indicated in the chapter that visual aids are significant when it comes to presentations.
The second issue in the chapter that has interested me is design principles used when creating a visual presentation. An effective visual presentation is based on a design that factors in the audience regarding how to capture the attention and make them active in the process. The second captivating principle in the chapter is how to ensure that the slides are made in a simple manner and in a way that conveys the intended information accurately. The simplicity of the slides is great as indicated in the chapter because I have noticed that whenever I have a lot of in formation in one slide, my audience tend to get bored easily.

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