The Spending Bill

The bill consists of two thousand and two hundred and thirty-two pages and covers everything ranging from opioids to border security (Mathews).

Question 2: Funding for Five Programs in the Spending Bill

The programs include the opioid treatment and disaster relief program, “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program, Stop school Violence Act of 2018,” (Mathews), “Child Care and Development Block Grants program, and Tax Bill Fix program” (Diaz and Fix).

Question 3: The Final Vote for the $1.3 Trillion Bill

In the final vote, the results were that sixty-five members supported the bill and thirty-two vote against it. This came after the Republican conservatives challenged the increased spending.

Question 4: Anyone Reading the Bill in its Entirety

One of the people who read the bill in its entirety was President Donald Trump. Apparently, one can tell that he read the entire bill because he was able to identify its flaws and strengths. For instance, he threatened to veto it because it had nothing to deal with the destiny of the young immigrant children who were undocumented. On the other hand, he later signed the bill into law because it had increased military spending and the expenditure on border security. In that regard, he pointed out the matters of national and border security are of great importance to the nation (Wagner and DeBonis).

Question 5: My Thoughts on the Bill

Security in the United States has been a big issue, and I think increasing spending on the military and border security will go a long way to ensure America is safe. The increased spending will help to improve the use of technology to enhance security.

Works Cited

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