The Relationship Between Canada and The United States

The Relationship Between Canada and the United States

The government of Canada has for a long time been experiencing various issues regarding the development of their country. It is, therefore, the role of the legislature to make and amend rules that will govern the nation to ensure that some of these escalating concerns are resolved before long. On that note, this paper seeks to discuss the relationship between Canada and the United States as one of the current issues.

The Impact of Donald Trump's Presidency

On the 20th of January 2017, after the presidential elections were conducted, Donald Trump took an oath as the United States President. This meant a lot to the government of Canada. First, it presents a great chance for the growth of the Canadian economy in the era of Trump as President (Isfeld 2017). There has been a remarkable opportunity for improvement of infrastructure and this could lead to the growth of businesses in the country. Further, enhancing links with the U.S administration could mean a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement which subsequently creates more openings for the exportation of goods to take place. (Scotti 2017). As a result, this would lead to a rise in the GDP of the country and avoid putting the country in a compromising position economically.

Unresolved Border Issues

Rarely will you find any two countries with peaceful relations such as those existing between the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, to date, they still have unresolved border issues which are located at the Pacific, off the Atlantic, and the Arctic coasts that both their neighbors to the north and the U.S claim to own (Jillian 2017). It has been two decades since the beginning of the twenty-first century when this dispute emerged. The reason why the issue has remained unresolved for this long is due to numerous social-economic factors between the two governments (Jillian 2017). Although in most cases, nations tend to resolve such situations through war, the two countries have set a noble example by maintaining peace. Notably, there are no easy solutions that the administrations can come up with to solve the boundary disputes.

Softwood Timber Issue

Moreover, the United States and Canada have yet another issue on softwood timber which is a vital resource for both states (Heinbecker 2017). The lumber trade has been going on since the nineteenth century without any reasonable solution. Further, the matter revolves around the stiff competition between the Canadian and the United States wood companies. The U.S still insists on the imposition of taxes on the Canadian softwood till a rational auctioning of wood acquisition is enacted in the country. On the other hand, Canada suggests an identical solution to the 1996 allotment which proposed that the importation of softwood should be duty-free (Heinbecker 2017). It is, however, clear that there has not been a resolve for this to date.


In conclusion, the relations between Canada and the United States are of great importance to both governments. It is through good relations that the two nations will be able to build themselves economically. In addition, the future of these two nations lies in the development of their financial ties. If a solution to the disputes pertaining to their affairs is to be found, then it will be obvious that a significant change will be feasible in the near future.



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