The Reality of Social Class

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For a whilst now I have been trying to figure out how social classes work inside a society. I never knew how the poor or the people regarded as low in the social ranking are affected by those who are effective and are ranked high in the social levels. I had not understood the segregation and the issue of training within the society until I finally fell prey.
I am not from a well-off family, neither am I rich by myself. I was riding to school one morning when I accidentally hit my neighbor’s car. She is a judge at one of the county regulation courts, and that puts her in a rather higher social class than I am. There was no great damage on the car, however. I offered to pay the little money I had for the repair of the damage I had caused to Mrs. Yao’s car, but the kind of response I got from her was not pleasant at all.

“I am very sorry Mrs. Yao I didn’t intend to hit your car. Please let me pay for the damage I have caused to make it up to you.” Her response hit me unexpected; “Keep your filthy dirty money to yourself. Besides, what will you eat when all your money is used up in paying for the repair of my car? You people shouldn’t even be allowed to drive those ‘things’ in government roads.”

The conversation with Mrs. Yao got me thinking about the real gap that exists between the poor and the rich. I could not stop thinking of the words to the extent of referring to my car as a ‘thing.’

Now I understand the positioning of different classes within the society. As the rich continue to become richer and the poor poorer, there will always exist a difference in social classes in Japan and in any other country despite how well the country does economically. There will always be masters and servants, employers and employees, and so the poor and the rich. However, we all need each other in one way or another, therefore, despite the class, it is wise to treat one another with respect.

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