The persistent suffering that has ravaged Canada’s soil

From 1989 to 2008, Jim Silver provides an impressive look at the persistent suffering that has ravaged Canada’s soil. For the last two decades, the poverty rate has fluctuated between 15.9% and 14.1 percent. According to the writer, Canada is endowed with so many natural resources that it should not be considered impoverished. Furthermore, he clarifies that it is a matter of a lack of resources or a low-income level and living conditions such as housing and infrastructure. Compared to neighboring countries such as Finland, Norway, and Denmark, the poverty rate for people under the age of 18 and families with children under the age of 18 is higher. While the poverty rate in Canada stands at 15.9%, Denmark, Norway stood at 2.4% and 3.4% respectively (Silver, 2000) pg. 13. He claims that poverty in Canada is primarily causes by poor public policy formulation. This term paper will borrow the Samuelson and Antony’s critical thinking style to analyze the causes, consequences and provide a workable solution to the poverty state in Canada.

Causes of Poverty in Canada

According to Silver, the genesis of poverty is poor governance. Canada is blessed with fertile land with a number of natural resources that when tapped would generate incomes to her citizens. He also spelled that poor policy mechanism contributed to the persistent poverty state that led to shutdown of major companies in the country. Some other factors like poor infrastructure that would not support industrialization also contributed.

Pertinently, the persistent cause of poverty in Canada is the high unemployment rate. The country witness a sharp fall in its industrial performance causing retrenchment of million workers. Shutdown of a taxpaying and income generating firm lower your exchange rates and foreign incomes (Silver, 2000) pg. 19. Furthermore, the retrenched individual become unproductive bring a burden to the few working fellows hence the independency ration increases.

Secondly, indulgence into self-employment drastically led to poor living. Due to massive loss of jobs from public institutions and industries, the citizens diverted to private businesses. Ideally, self-employment pays less compared to formal employment. Critically thinking, I may say that it is tied to the fact that the purchasing power is also down therefore no one promotes local business.

Consequences of poverty

A poor nation is a sickling country. In fact, the impacts of poverty are severe than the latter causes. Sincerely, speaking what would the citizens of a poor nation enjoy? Not even better health care, not even good living standards, development just to mention. Economically, a poor nation cannot satisfactorily replenish their financial budgets. Canada has faced an increase in crime rate because of poverty. The level of education stoops low because of inability to pay school fees. Sometimes the country might fall victims of neocolonialism because of dependence on relief foods from developed countries. Basically poor nations suffer loudly and citizens die the most.

Workable solution to poverty

The poverty in Canada in complex ranging from; racism, inequality, low education achievement and colonialism. The variables need to take center stage while drafting a solution. Jim Silver thought and proposed a strategic avenue of averting poverty. One, he initiated an ant-poverty movement in Winnipeg city. Secondly, he drafted proposal to the government to consider advocating for equal job opportunities, promote industrialization, increase exports and divert to agriculture. The anti-poverty campaign was able to sponsor thousands of poor students to reduce illiteracy level. Domestic protection to local industries would lock foreign firms from looting our resources and provide employment (Silver, 2000) pg. 23.


The term paper ends by examining various aspects of poverty witnessed in Canada between 1989 and 2008. The paper lays more emphasis on the out of box thinking style employed by Samuelson and Antony in the Work of Power and Resistance. Logically, Silver begins by stating that Canada does not deserve to be poor because it is well endowed with resources. A critical thinker needs to dig deeper to extract why then that Canada is poor. What makes them say so? What are the implications? And have solutions be found? The paper addressed the questions satisfactorily.


Silver, J. (2000). Persistent poverty in Canada. Solutions that work: Fighting poverty in Winnipeg, 1-25.

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