The Persistent memory of Salvador Dali and his works

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The works the Persistence of Memory (1931) by Salvador Dali, Maternity (1924) by Joan Miro, and Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (1924) by Max Ernst suits the imagination theme. Imagination which is abstract differs greatly from real life happenings. The persistence of Memory (1931) work of art is a good pick for the imagination theme because Dali portrayed imagination as time. The work is composed of melting clocks and ants. Pictured also is a focus image of a deformed nose and eyelashes. Surrounded by swam of ants are melting watches and decaying objects. The entire work portrays that in real time he may not be living in the world, his home represented by the rocky cliffs which is his home will have something to remember.
In Maternity (1924) by Joan Miro work also fits into the imagination theme. The artist has used objects to present a human life. The art comprises of a triangle, curved lines, a hole, and some drops of paintings in a ground. This represents a womb, embryo, sperm, and breasts of a woman. There are two-stick figures which depict a child. In reality, the objects cannot be termed to be representing mother and a child but Miro’s imagination translated to that.
The Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (1924) by Max Ernst is a painting in which imagination well fits. The work comprises of a red wooden gate which opens into a painted ground, female at the left running in agony, another female who looks like she has fainted and a man on the roof stretching his hand towards a knob at the gate’s frame. In his imagination, Max painting was influenced by his terrifying dream on his bed. During his dream, he had contracted measles. The artwork presents imagination because it was about the death of Max sister which occurred in 1897 and a boyhood dream “in which the wood grain of a panel near his bed took on “successively the aspect of an eye, a nose, a bird’s head, a menacing nightingale, a spinning top and so on.”( Max Ernst Artist Overview and Analysis).

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