The painting skills of a virtuoso


As one of the best of Strapran's prolific art work in Crocker art museum displaying a spectrum of ideas, feel of authenticity and emotional realism best represented by composition of dazzling colors. The empty cherry crate painting shows virtuoso painting skills. Having received several accolades, it is one of the best historical art piece in it's 60 years of existence.

Ideas Expressed Through Colors

This piece of art shows many ideas that are laid out by the use of colors. There is a touch of authenticity shown by the cherry crate that is almost empty. Exactly as described by most people, Straprans showed a picture of emotional realism through the almost empty cherry crate drawing. The sense of emotional realism in the art composition is best represented by hallucinatory dazzling colors used in giving out the realistic picture and theme of the whole meaningful painting. The object of art expresses the profoundness, witty thinking, and ability to paint out the human feelings and emotions by the painter.

Representation and Symbolism

The creature has two visible cherries that make it almost empty. It is a representation of pervasive deserted state. The almost empty crate conveys a message of possible loneliness. Given feeling is represented by depicting the empty space within the crate attached to rejected nature of a certain community. The picture can also be perceived as a portrayal of the underpinning reality which exists in an authentic society.

Emotion and Environment

Furthermore, there is a pitiful emotion laid out by the painting. The cherry inside the crate appears to be overripe. Despite the nature of the fruit, it has just been overlooked. At the same time, the crate has been abandoned in a room which is in a rather poor state. The accommodation has a wall which is in a bad condition which is shown by the visible holes on the wall.

Melancholy and Ecstasy

On the other hand, the context of the crate is set in a harrowing hallucinatory red color. The red color of objects in the picture is a perfect representation of possible melancholic environment. Nevertheless, the red stripe is likely to reverse the depressed state of mind. The sides of the carte are colored brown which is a portrayal of human skin color. Given feature is likely to mean that the carte is an abandoned human being. The person has been mercilessly left in a ramshackle room. Despite possessing some utility, as portrayed by the ripe cherries within the crate, the individual has been left sad and helpless.


In general, the painting of a master represents a person balancing in between melancholy and ecstasy. The melancholic state is expressed by the oppressive environment the person has been abandoned in. In turn, the ecstasy can be felt as well since the individual is able to gain something useful in the living apartment. In this case, the main benefit is the overripe cherries. The usage of hallucinatory colors clearly exposes the natural blending of the two contrary contexts.

Raimond Straprans used the above mentioned painting to help those who are deemed useless by persuading that they are a useful treasure. The expression exhibited by the masterpiece reveals the authentic human emotions that most abandoned individuals feel. This witty representation cultivates a series of mixed up senses represented by the blended red color and the whole composition of the cherry crate painting. Conclusively, it is clear that all of Raimond Straprans' paintings create the holistic picture of real world and are expressive in defining the daily human lives.

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