The Origin of Group Chat

The Origin of the Land and Water Gods

The globe was largely covered in water long ago when humans and animals coexisted on the same continent and the bright sky stretched overhead. The water was the realm of the female god Gertrude, and the land was governed by the greater goddess Muse.

The Conflict between Humans and Beasts

Food and water were the constant sources of contention between man and the beast; the beast thought that man consumed more than he required, leading to drought in the land. The fact that the beast used so much water, forcing humans to go days without eating or drinking, made them detest the creature even more. To put an end to the altercation, the gods of land and water ruled that humans were to stay on land while beasts were to remain in water.

The Agreement for Peace

To create peace between the two creations, the god of land, Gertrude, ruled that humans were to collect water during in the morning while the beast slept. Those who went in the evening risked to be attacked. In his dismay, god Muse also favored humans, he told the beast that they would only go to the land to hunt at night when the humans were sleeping. The agreement was had to keep for both of them since they had been used to moving on land or water any time of day or night. In effect, any humans who went to fetch water in the afternoon were hunted by the beast. Similarly, any beasts that came to the land during the day were killed by humans.

Shannon's Discovery

The emerging conflict created a lot of tension among the two races. One great woman, Shannon, noticed that if she sent her four daughters to fetch water, they were not attacked. This was attributed to the fact that in case of an attack by the beasts, the humans would scream out loud and more people would come to their rescue. Other people lived in fear; they really wondered why Shannon family could go to the waters at the odd hours and not get attacked. On a Friday afternoon, the whole human race went to Shannon’s place; they demanded to know why herself and the daughter were always protected yet theirs were attacked by the beasts. They had thought that Shannon betrayed humans, thus making the beast protect her family.

The Power of Teamwork

Avoiding explanations, she called her three daughters and told the whole race, “My fate is as a result of my tactics. None of you has ever thought of carrying others along to the river. Animals can easily be scared when people are many; if only we could go in groups to fetch water, no one would ever think of harming us.” At that point, all the human race became more attentive; they noticed that teamwork was essential. They had to get together and discuss the common method of communication that could allow them to meet in groups and go fetch water safely. With non-portable telephone booths in existence, one of them suggested that they signal each other and meet at Shannon’s home. He stated, “Shannon will have to dial each homestead’s telephone every evening so that women can meet to go collect water.” Everyone uploaded, and from then they used to communicate in groups before they get water. This technique became advanced as technology improved over the years with people communication in groups using social media sites. And so the group chat came to be.

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