The Numbers Are All That Matter in Business

A person who knows the cost of everything but not the worth of the items might be referred to as sync in the business world. Any person in a management role must never take the value of photography and images for granted. Colors are often used in the business world to symbolize a logo, a product, or a symbol that conveys a lot of information. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone with a business mindset to attempt to evaluate the data that will be represented in an image. The reason behind it is that immemorial ages paintings as well as any other art work have always carried with them information that is worthwhile to the person viewing it. However, there is no single or the best way to approach an image interpretation process. One would say with a lot of effort that the specific images at a particular time and in a way, will influence our thoughts and the task to be undertaken with an individual. In addition to the interpretation of an image, the specific goals of the interpretation matter a lot.

The colors, the image type, and the information represented in either the background or the vicinity always represent the time or the nature of the work. Images in a great way communicate the activities of a given period time (Thyme et al 101). The communication of the image will either demonstrate the kind of technology, certain types of machines, or the nature of the work. For instance, in the image the use of the black and white presents time and the kind of photography used at that time period. But at the same time, deeper thought of the black color in the tones to the manager will represent power, strength elegance, and authority. In the image, it would mean the emotions the manager who is overwhelmed with work but has to reach the desired goals. In order to ensure accurate interpretation of the image, the managers must understand the real significance of an image in positional view. This paper elaborates three distinct elements in an image and further discusses them.

Elements of an Image

The elements are the color, the associations in the image, and shape taken by the man in the image. Although there are many elements involved in the image the paper discusses the most important of them. Therefore, the work will link the picture image with the three elements and how one in modern world should interpret picture image of the man in the office holding the stock sticker. The three elements assist one to understand the type of employee or manager in an office and relate the image to the day to day office situation.


In the image the shape that is the position of the man will talk a lot of any manager in the modern generation. The general sitting posture and the body posture show a person who is very exhausted and very much tired and by just a single lean on the table calls for a nap. At a glance of the image when you walk in such an office and sees a manager in the bend shape will communicate an overwhelmed man with work and has tirelessly worked himself through the night but will not just let go of work. It can show the passion he has for the work; by the way he is holding the stock sticker in a protective manner in that no one would grab it, without him noticing. This is evident as he holds it by both two hands. In addition, he is ready to take more calls for other jobs or issues. The shape of the head, which is hidden on the back in the hand palm would also mean he is thoughtful on a decision or an issue related to work. On the negative perspective, the image would mean a lot of negative energy depending on the personality of the interpreter or the person viewing it (Thyme et al. 101). For example, a pessimistic employee or manager would interpret the image in that the person is irresponsible and drunk at work and cannot carry out his duties in competent manner and at the same time do not want give others a chance to take his position and that would be the reason he is holding the sticker tape by to hands. Moreover, it can also be in the form that the manager is the type who cannot handle pressure and failures related to the job at hand and is always ready to make calls to the lower subordinates to blame them.

The color in the whole image is very suggestive. There are only two colors, that is black and white all through. The black and white would show boredom created by lack creativity (Adams 7). In the business field and the world at large, colors have a strong value of the information to be conveyed. For the business minded, the black color used for the location would show authority of the office held. From the image, it is evident that with more authority come more responsibility and even more sacrifice. One has to dedicate time to the organizational objectives and roles and prepare to take the emergencies despite the effort and pace at which the job challenges. The black color would also show the emotions of the people in authority in relation to work. For instance, there is no family picture and it is work all through and no space for family thoughts in the work place. Furthermore, the stress of handling the job is quite unbearable and calls for frequent breaks during work hours. The element of the white color would also mean that the person in office is more sincere, humble and protective (Adams 13). The manager or the employee in the image would be sincerer about the kind of work of adding up the figures of the stock in line with stock rate exchange. Moreover, he becomes very protective of the job by working up to late hours with an aim of receiving promotion and other fringe benefits of hard work. In any working environment, there has to be ups and downs, hence headache and in reality, it leads to stress in the work place. By holding the white tape which is white shows it is the only job at hand and will hold it to ensure job security.

The element of association is also represented in the way the graphs are shown in the walls. The graph is associated with falling and rising of the stocks that he has to get explanation to the organization or the people in higher authority. In addition to this, there is the hidden watch on top months that is very unclear. This symbolizes the doubt in good pay with less work and fluctuating rate stocks. In the dressing attires, it shows the required word rope for the job, especially the white collar. In addition, there is the numbers on the back of the man. In the working environment, there are figures that must add up the symbols in the image, they are faint, and it is a representation of the crowded mind full of thoughts that are not very clear. From the working environment, the relation of colors, figures, telephone, and the attires in the image gives the association of what is supposed to be present in a working environment; it is the image that will show the idea of a white-collar job. The relation of the black and white shadings as well as the old stock sticker represent years back and how the technology has come of age to what it is currently (Lillesand at el 2014).

ConclusionIn conclusion, the working environment matters a lot. It will help you adjust or not. In the image, it would present me as a hardworking, very committed at odd hours of the night such as night extensions in the office. It would mean great sacrifice and commitment. These virtues above call for the passion I have for the job at hand. Depending on the nature of my work, it will either be carried out of the passion or the pressure in the job. When in any job, the determinants for the success of the job is the motivation a job brings. For example, a job which is more paying as more as you work will translate to extra time and more commitment to earn more. Despite the job condition and the pressure, the work etiquette of the office should carry on. That is, upright posture, good arrangement of the office equipment and personal grooming this is because the representation of a person usually shows the state of mind and the intentions of a person. Finally, the image you give a job or the people influences the other collogues attitude and greatly impact on how they perceive your thoughts. The representation of the person in the office always calls for earning of respect or disrespect. So, we should always mind about our personal behaviors as there can be cameras that give our images at any time.

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