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Personality characteristics are an individual’s distinguishing characteristics, often manifested in terms such as feelings, disposition, and behavior. The major five qualities are Openness, Sensitivity, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeability, and Normal Reactions. Openness refers to the desire of a person for fresh insight and creativity. The second trait refers to the level of care and organization in an individual’s job and plans, extraversion and introversion explain the person’s nature in terms of expression of himself while the fourth trait refers to a person’s ability to get on well with others such as the society and teammates which include notions such as compromise and sacrifice. Last but not least, the natural reactions component demonstrates an individual’s emotional stability in terms of how well they can deal with various types of news.
The fictional characters selected for this paper is Harrison Wells, fictional characters from the CW renowned television series “The flash”. We see that Harrison Wells is an open minded individual since he is a famous scientist, particularly in cutting-edge innovation, he created star labs. He demonstrates conscientiousness when he set off the particles accelerator despite the fact that he had been warned of its potential failure. He demonstrated a reckless attitude when he set it off none the less, causing a catastrophic explosion of dark matter that affected residents of central city. Wells is an introvert which we see when his long-term teammates barely know where he lives and gets lost trying to find the place despite having worked with him closely for years. Penultimately, we see him as agreeable as he is welcome to new suggestions from his teammates with regards to new technology and gadgets. Last but not least, we see that Harrison Wells has a calm temperament and an analytical nature which allows him to process every type of news calmly.

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