The Life Lessons Soccer Has Taught Me

Soccer: A Love and a Lesson

Soccer is a very popular sport. Millions of individuals play this sport and twice as many individuals are supporters and fans. Watching matches with my dad on TV and also following him to watch live matches between local teams is the earliest memory I have of soccer. I have been playing football since I was 3 years old and I can say that soccer has taught me leadership skills both on and off the pitch. I will never stop loving this sport.

Teamwork and Goal Setting

Being a player as well as a soccer fan, I have learnt a valuable life lesson and that is team work and goal setting. Being a team game, soccer has taught me to be respectful, as well as develop key leadership skills within my team mates. The extra mandate of being a captain has developed me to be a quick decision maker, as well as be effective in utilizing different talents within my team. In addition to developing leadership skills, playing in a team has helped me develop my communication skills. Individual goal setting is different from team work and team goals. As the club captain, I have learnt to respect other people's decision, as well as learnt how to ensure team goals are realized in unison. Finally, being the club captain has helped me in decision-making while facing different conflict within the team.

Diversity and Cultural Understanding

The diversity in a soccer team brings along different personalities to make up the team. One learning outcome I have drawn from soccer playing is anger control and management. One of the major gains I can attribute to the soccer game is the ability to relate to the cultural diversity of people. My teammates are drawn from different tribes and cultural identity. Playing soccer has, in turn, made me an accommodating person not only to my people, but people from other nations. My vice captain is a Muslim, and I can surely tell I have learnt a lot from him, such that it would be an easy thing for me to relate and live with Muslims without any problems.

Time Management and Discipline

Playing soccer has made me an effective time manager, hence spending my time constructively and not wasting it on wrong activities such as drinking, partying and drugs.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, since I am a captain of my team, a player and a fan, soccer game have made me a better person in terms of constructive ideas being learnt such as leadership, communication, time management, team playing, and being dedicated to my own goals. In addition, playing soccer has made me physically fit, enlightened in terms of cooperation with other people, especially dealing with people who are originated from other religion, racial identity, and nationality. My dream is to become a professional footballer to emulate the achievements of Messi and Ronaldo, and play for one of the giant clubs in Europe.

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