Political Parties and Their Influence

Political parties are groups that work to influence the government in order to advance their own ideological and societal objectives. Since the 1860s, the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States have had a monopoly on the political landscape. However, the president of the United States is significantly influenced by outside groups. Since the late 18th century, several groups had been founded in the United States. The Progressive Party was acutely aware of the effect of third parties in 1912. This essay shows how Republican conservatism and Democratic liberalism were altered in 1912 as a result of the elections. The 1912 elections gave an insight that the presidents do not necessarily need to be sidelined by the two dominant parties to have an impact. Theodore Roosevelt was able to get a great number of votes from the Republican side, giving way for the Democratic Party win. It is clear that any individual can actually win the elections in the United States if he or she has a convincing manifesto to the citizens. The political system of the United States did not start as a two-party system, and thus any party has the capability of ensuring that they convince the majority into their side. The Democrats and the Republican parties understood that being more consumed in the liberal and conservative ideologies in their manifestoes does not necessarily lead to the election win.

The Impact of Roosevelt's Presidential Bid

Roosevelt is recognized for launching the most successful presidential bid. On the debate held on Monday, more than a century ago, Roosevelt was declared that the two party ideologies were boss-ridden and controlled by privilege. The progress of the United States relies on taking stands on vital issues that affect its citizens.


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