The hospitality sector

The hospitality industry has expanded significantly in many parts of the world. The issue, though, is managing the expectations of visitors, who are increasing in number. The number of tourists visiting various regions of the world has increased, boosting the growth of the tourism industry. Ocean Park in Hong Kong has benefited from visitors from all around the world seeking out unique experiences. The remedies to Ocean Park's challenges have been thoroughly covered in the report. These include market penetration, the increment in the number of visitors as well as improving local, Mainland China and international tourism. The solutions in the paper have been evaluated concerning the aspects of suitability, feasibility, and acceptability through an aid of a table. Short-term, mid-term and long-term solutions have as well be discussed. Ocean Parks Hong Kong should convince existing customers to continue using the company's products regularly. The strategy is the short term measure which has been to make the company achieve loyalty to its clients. The essay as well has given a reflection on teamwork. Teamwork is imperative to the success of an organization. Workers should cooperate in all their activities to achieve company goals efficiently. China. The paper gives a brief description of Ocean Park and fiscal deficits, which the company may be experiencing in its operations.

Detailed Solution

Market penetration

Market penetration entails putting more effort on selling available products or services into markets which exist to acquire higher market shares (Bowie, Buttle, Brookes and Mariussen 2016, p.45). Alternatively, it happens when a firm penetrates or enters a marketplace having current products. An excellent approach to attain this is through taking over competitors' customers. It means taking some sections of the market share. Other methods incorporate persuading existing clients to use your services or products or attracting those who are not consuming a particular product to start using it. All these can be achieved through product promotions. Market penetration is one of the least risky approaches through which an organization can use to grow. Ocean Park Hong Kong should differentiate itself through the present services with the intention of gaining more significant market share from the competitors. Differentiation would promote continuous penetration to the markets existing.

There are four key strategies which Ocean Park Hong Kong can adopt to implement market penetration. The company should increase or retain the market share of its products and services. This can be attained through taking an approach which is composed of setting pricing strategies that competitive, sales promotion and advertising. It would as well focus on sales areas and marketing meant for price management and product promotion. Ocean Parks Hong Kong can similarly dominate market growths. Securing market growth dominance is attained by recognizing new demographics for organizational products and services. That is, identifying new age groups consuming the company's products. Here, the management can identify changes in age distribution for the product users. Then, proper marketing should be carried out amongst the new age bracket that has been known.

Besides, Ocean Park Hong Kong should restructure mature markets through smoking out competitors. This approach needs aggressive promotional campaigns, supported by strategies for pricing in making markets to be unattractive for competitors who are operating in small scale. Lastly, increasing product usage by the existing customers is a method that can be used in market penetration. Ocean Parks Hong Kong should persuade available clients to use the company's products often. The strategies, which can be used to achieve this are creating loyalty schemes, value addition the current products alongside making alterations to commodities thus promoting greater usage of organizational merchandises.

The organization should find a way of making their products attractive to the visitors by ensuring that they run promotions and offer incentives especially for their regular visitors to attract more people to visit the site.

Visitors or customers always want to feel that the products on which they have spent money have value that is commensurate to their expenditure hence the need for the organizations to work on its pricing criteria to meet the quality of services and products it offers. However, it is critical for the company to improve the quality of its products whose combination with effective pricing would give the organization a competitive advantage over its mainland competitors.

Apart from the diversification of the products and services it offers, it is imperative that the company should see a way of diversifying its distribution channels to reach more people as this would contribute to enhancing visitors' experience.

Increase visitor number

Ocean Park management should find ways of increasing the number of visitors coming for visits. The rise in tourists visiting the park would proliferate revenue collection. The present part covers approximately 916, square meters of land ( Bowie, Buttle, Brookes and Mariussen 2016, p.51). Allocation of more expansive area would allow more people to be accommodated within the park (Fadda and Sørensen 2017, p.90).

Awareness campaigns on the parks activities should be enhanced to attract more visitors to come. This would raise sentience to those on vacations to visit Hong Kong and enjoy their holidays in Ocean Parks. Ocean Park should improve its online reservations to make room bookings accessible to most of the customers who have the potentiality to visits the area. It would increase the number of tourists coming to park as they will not have a struggle in getting rooms. The management is required to consistently rejuvenate and reinvent the park to serve its guests excellently. Through this approach, Ocean Park would establish itself as an essential tourist attraction site for local and international tourists. Hong Kong government also plays a significant for the number of tourists coming to tour Ocean Parks (Peng, Lin and Ren 2016, p.260). Government subsidies on tourism sectors promote the industry. Through supports given by the state, Ocean Park would be able to increase the number of visitors coming for tourism purposes. Ocean Park staff hospitality as well can make more customers return otherwise do referrals to others. The reception of staff members of the park should be encouraged by the management as it forms a selling which can be used in increasing the number of people visiting the park. The judgement on satisfaction is associated to all experiences which a customer has undergone with the specific business about its products, the process of sales process as well as after-sale services offered. When a customer gets satisfied upon using a product or service of a company then such relies on customers" expectations concerning whatever they required. Customers are known to be forming their hopes from previous experience attained from a product/service, advice from friends alongside promises and information from competitors. Therefore, to increase the number of visitors coming to Ocean Park, proper promotional activities, online booking, and adequate infrastructure among others should be put in place.

Customer loyalty leads to repeat visits and it forms one of the foundations upon which any organization operating in the tourism industry derives its success. It is, therefore, important for any tourist organization to develop partnerships with customers to ensure that a strong bond exists.

Attracting new customers also require a strategic positioning of a company in the industry by presenting itself as the ultimate solution to the needs of visitors hence the organization must attain this by enhancing the quality of its products, and engage in aggressive promotion.

Local, Mainland China, International

Locally, the government should create awareness among the local people about the Ocean parks. For dining needs for guests, Ocean Park presently provides four remarkable venues. These are Panda Café, Neptune's Restaurant, Bayview Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant. All these places should be thoroughly enjoyed by domestic and international tourists alike. Neptune's Restaurant certainly is deemed to be Hong Kong's reasonable dining terminus within an aquarium setting ( Bowie, Buttle, Brookes and Mariussen 2016, p.43). The Panda Café, an exceptionally panda-themed outdoor and indoor café delights most of the families who visit the area. Guests have the capability of indulging in an oceanic atmosphere when at Bayview Restaurant. Also, the restaurant is featuring aquatic backdrops having sea jellies. Most of the local visitors similarly find dinning at Tuxedos Restaurant to be marvelous with about 75 penguins gamboling on the ice. Thus, the Hong Kong government to enable locals to take part in visiting Ocean Park should promote domestic tourism.

Chinese mainland forms the geographical areas and geopolitical nature which is under the direct jurisdiction of China people. The mainland typically entails Hainan island excluding specific administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong. However, both are partly on the continental landmass. Mainland China attracts people who come to site seeing and eventually spend their time to tour Ocean Park. For that matter, the mainland forms a meaningful solution to the hospitality problems facing the industry. It increases the visitation to the Ocean Park, which in turn increases revenue collection.

Internationally, Hong Kong is strategically placed thus can be reached by all and sundry. When there is good accessible airports and seaports, foreign tourists will find it easy to reach Ocean Park. Adequate connectivity promotes tourism activities in the country thus improving the sector regarding growth and development.

Evaluations of the Solutions

Suitability Feasibility Acceptable

Long term People are not often well-adapted to think of long-term solutions problems. However, long-term solutions permanently give good results at the end. Because of this, most of the company management over-value instant benefits and are disproportionately discounting on future costs. Often, political systems are collective reflections of biases and flaws made in the decision making process. Market penetration is a suitable long-term approach which if executed appropriately would see the Ocean Park have a more significant market share as compared to the competitors. It would as well give the company to have sufficient revenue collection as there shall be several people visiting Ocean Park. Improving Chinese mainland as well an appropriate long-term solution that improves site attractions. Tourists will continuously throng the park when the conditions of airports and seaports are improved. Both local and international visitors should be encouraged to visit the park as it gives a long-term resolution to problems facing hospitality industry. Thus, market penetration and promoting both local and international tourists are apt long-term measures, which can be employed in improving Ocean Park. Analysis of market penetration offers Ocean Park with information needed to comprehend its market position. The market share of an organization is often utilized as a measure of performance. It helps marketing managers to put more focus on efforts which assist a team to grow its share of the market otherwise continue dominating the marketplace. Long-term market penetration is feasible as offers different forms of business awareness on where Ocean Park can efficiently compete with other competitors. For instance, continuous evaluation of variance on market share over a period creates a useful product lifecycle. This will make the company keep growing by having several markets in place to sell their products. It is as well practically possible to make the improvements of Chinese mainland to ease the accessibility of Ocean Park. For a longer duration, the company in conjunction with the Hong Kong government would be able to improve the entry points to make Ocean Park accessible for many people yearning to the visit the place.

Market penetration and improving Chinese mainland should be the acceptable long term solution to the problems facing Ocean Park. The management should promote long term measures in order to promote revenue circulation as there would be used by Ocean Park for developments. Market share, competition and definition of marketplaces are some of old problems which should controlled by long term measures. Thus, Ocean Park management should accept these approaches in solving difficulties a company face.

Mid term Just as long term measures, mid-term solutions are permanently giving good results at the end when implemented appropriately. Due to this, company managements are over-valuing immediate benefits and are disproportionately discounting on future costs for implementing mid- term approaches. Often, political systems are collective reflections of biases and flaws made in the decision making process (Sarwar and Devlin 2017, p.18). Market penetration is a suitable mid-term approach that when done well would make Ocean Park to be having substantial market shares when compared to the competitors in the same field. Market penetration would similarly offer company sufficient revenue collections techniques since tourists will be visiting the park in large numbers. Improving Chinese mainland is also as an apt mid-term solution which can enhance site attractions hence increasing the number people coming for visitation Tourists will incessantly horde the park of seaports and airports are accessible. Increasing the number of visitors through doing constant advertisements would as well be a mid-term approach in solving problems facing Ocean Park. The number of visitors coming for tour would upsurge revenue collected by the company.

Proper preparations are needed to make mid-term solutions to be feasible. Increasing the tourist numbers needs capitation input to be used in reaching customers through advertisements. Also market penetration as well calls for more resources to be used to make it achievable. The feasibility of mid-term solutions is financially bound and Ocean Park management should have sufficient funds for implementation. Local and international tourists form should be encouraged by Ocean Park in order to increase organizational revenues.

Market penetrations such restructuring markets, maintaining the loyalty of customers are some of the accepted measures which are accepted mid-term approaches. The management should as well consent to increase the number of customers visiting the park.

Short term Short-term approaches look at company characteristics presently then developing strategies which can be used to improve them. Examples include employees' skills as well as their attitudes to work towards attaining company's achievements. The production condition in an organization is a short-term concern which should be addressed by acquiring larger market share. Thus, market penetration forms a short-term approach which can be used to get more customers to the Ocean Park. To address market penetration issues, the management should place short-term solutions with the intention of addressing customers' shortage who are using the products/services of the company. Training courses for employees, servicing equipment, and quality products are some short-term solutions that can be used to increase the number of visitors coming to Ocean Park. These solutions are setting the stage for addressing problems more expansively for longer terms (Fadda and Sørensen, 2017, p. 37). Thus, the market penetrations and increasing the number of customers are suitable short-term solution methods to be implemented by Ocean Park.

Short term measures such market penetration and increasing the number of visitors are feasible methods to be implemented by Ocean Park. Increasing number of customers increases income for an organization. Also, market penetration as well requires more cash to be used but it would enable the company achieve its financial needs. This improves the income of Ocean Park within a shorter duration.

It is appropriate the management to accept or implement increasing market share, dominating the marketplace as well as restructure its operations. This would assist in ensuring there is an increased visitors coming to the park. Consequently, it would as well improve the revenues of a company. Therefore, accepting market penetration and increasing the number of visitors visiting Ocean Park are steps of improving capitation of an organization.


There are problems that affects hospitality industry. However, the solution to these problems should be implemented in short-term, mid-term and long term measures. Ocean Park company market penetration can be done through increasing the market share, dominating competitors through offering quality services among others (Fadda and Sørensen, 2017, p. 53). By acquiring several markets, Ocean Park would have more people using its products thus increasing its income. On the other hand, the management can as well make increase the number of customers through doing constant online advertisements of the company's products. Online reservations should be as well be improved in order to make easily accessibility of the services/products. Similarly, Ocean Park management with the conjunction with the government opt to improve airports and seaports with the intention of increasing appropriate movement of people into and out of the country. Domestic and international tourism should as well be encouraged by the Hong Kong government to raise tourists' activities.


All firms which need to attain higher productivity often ensure that cooperation and team spirit among workers. In particular, teamwork is incredibly useful in organizations in which requirements for information dissemination is hugely higher. Therefore, there is a relationship between teamwork and information management. Consequently, it is significant to Ocean Park management to create teams that are effective. The teams should be given motivation either by non-monetary or monetary rewards to give excellent results. A team that is effective should have clear objectives. It consists of individuals having comparable skills which are matching the goals of objectives. Team members should trust one another. This should be promoted through an open, honest as well as cooperative culture in the business. Human resource management forms essential elements for the creation of business culture. A good corporation needs effective leadership and communication effectiveness. Besides, Ocean Park Hong Kong should give incentives, mainly to encourage the team that would assist in increasing cooperation. Except for monetary incentives, firms ought to offer rewards that are non-monetary like employee empowerment and involvement. Operational teamwork may be attained through proper team organization. It is especially beneficial for Ocean Park as it would be increasing speed and flexibility.

A project which has been done by many people having various skills may have innovative decisions making and ideas. This will be significantly effective owing to group heterogeneity. The significant thing is that a team should be given encouragement and support to increase productivity towards a better extent when compared to when such tasks have been done by a single person. HRM role is mainly seen to be crucial when it comes to achieving efficient teams within an organization. Team spirit in Ocean Park is essential to the success. Team spirit is playing a vital role both in professional and personal life. If people are working together to attaining a prevailing attitude and goal is often essential for the operations. The concept of teamwork enables staff members to work together efficiently with the intention of achieving a mutual target of an organization. Projects habitually require that employees are supposed to work jointly to attain a common objective (Mesmer-Magnus 2017, p. 518). For that teamwork is an essential aspect that Ocean Park can use for success. A team comprehends abilities and qualities of every team member have the spirit of participating and giving contributions to the tasks of a company. There are various skills for essential teamwork n working as a group within an organization. To begin with, team members are required to have skills for listening with the intention of looking at ideas of members of an organization. Also, it is essential to share with a group to create a teamwork environment. The team should respect the notions posed by other members. Ocean Park team should be constant communications for the effective operation of the company. The members are supposed to use communication channels that are effective such as e-mails, meetings and discussions groups (Sarwar and Devlin 2017, p.21). Ocean Park should allow the team to work appropriately with the intention of achieving company goals.

The project has also been critical in scanning the Hong Kong tourism environment and examines how companies such as Ocean Park Hong Kong can package its services in a manner that will allow it compete with other attractions on the mainland. For instance, the slow growth of global economy coupled with increasing competition by other neighboring tourist destinations in mainland China have significantly lowered the activities at Ocean Park Hong Kong. How the organization can turn things around and regain its market strength and share is critical. The project enhanced my experience in team management as well as the critical role that effective communication plays in the successful completion of any task.


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