the ethics in business

For many years, he has been regarded as a stalwart scientist

He's discovered a plethora of advanced astronomical instruments. With the latest discoveries, he studied the heavens and the universe and was able to describe very complex phenomena such as the moon glowing with reflecting light, the Milky Way made up of various individual stars, the different faces on Venus, and the streaks in the sun. Harrison is a man with many talents (620-640).

His zealous devotion to astronomy and eagerness to learn

about the various astronomical phenomena is encouraging. His discoveries and inventions are yet to mentor and nurture great scientists and philosophers since he provides the necessary knowledge and sets a foundation for the scientific world. Galileo is known to be a genius and always looks stronger compared to the other scientists. What we probably don’t know is that he faced many challenges as a scientist in this world full of people with conflicting interests. I guess we all remember him presenting his astronomic ideas to the church. Considering the period we are in where the church has pre-established expectations and concepts of reason explains why it was difficult for him to establish new scientific laws and properties (Fanaroff 34-35). The church has always been cynical about his concepts and disapproved the theories he has come up with, he has been called names, and threats to halt his researching career is evident. I believe all these are due to the time of period we are in.Yes, he has temporarily failed on some occasions due to the era we are in where the decisions made by the church were final. How he overcomes all these and still maintains the title of being the most influential scientist is the story he will share with us today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ….professor Galileo Galilee!

Work cited:

Fanaroff, Bernie. "Astronomy: Cosmic detectives." Nature 534.7605 (2016): 34-35: Provided information about the history, and design of telescopes technology across the electromagnetic spectrum, invented by Galileo Galilee.

Harrison, Peter. "The Bible and the emerging scientific worldview." (2016): 620-640: describes the story of the astronomer where he lends credence to the idea that there has been struggling rational and enlightened scientific worldview on the one hand and the forces of religious oppression on the other.

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