The Effect of Negotiation with Terrorist Groups, Stopping Countries from Supporting and Funding Terrorist Groups and Their Activities and Having a Genuine Interest

Terrorism and its Impact

Terrorism has been a global threat from time immemorial, taking different forms and targeting different groups. Most terrorism activities target political governments, geographical conflicts, and religious differences. Governments have tried to avert terrorist attacks that threaten the lives of their citizens and the economic growth of their countries.

Statistics on Terrorism

In 2015, 29,424 people died as a result of terror attacks and 25,621 in 2016. These are very many lives to lose to causes that can be avoided and prevented. Therefore, countries try various ways to overcome the threat of terrorism, among them, negotiation with terrorist groups, stopping countries from supporting and funding terrorist groups and their activities, and having a genuine interest. The dependent variable is the interest to stop terrorism which depends on the above named independent variables, that is, negotiation with terrorist groups, stopping countries from supporting and funding terrorist groups and their activities, and having a genuine interest.

Progress in Fighting Terrorism

The efforts to fight terrorism have given positive results as the total number of global terror attacks in 2016 reduced to 11,072 from 12,121 attacks in the previous year. This shows a reduction by one thousand and forty-nine attacks, which is good progress. In addition, research shows that terrorism is more severe in unstable governments like Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, and Somali, among others. Iraq had the highest number of terror attacks in both 2015 and 2016, giving a total of 5,382 attacks. It is followed by Afghanistan with a total of 3,056 and then Pakistan with a total of 1,744 attacks in both years. These three countries are in the Middle East, a region with the most unstable governments and the origin of most lethal terror groups.

Impact on Unstable Governments

Pakistan is followed by India, which had a total of 1,725 attacks in both years, then Nigeria with a total of 1,054, Philippines 972, Yemen 823, Syria 750, Turkey 672, and lastly Somalia with 600 attacks in both years. The number of attacks reduces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, Syria, and Yemen in 2016 from what was experienced in 2015. However, the attacks increased in Iraq, India, Turkey, and Somalia due to the increased political turmoil. Therefore, to be able to deal with the dependent variable, the world needs to help the unstable governments gain stability and thus join in the fight towards terrorism.

Dealing with Terrorist Groups

To deal with these attacks completely, governments need to address the independent variables like the terror groups perpetrating the crimes. ISIS is the most lethal terrorist group and did 2102 attacks in both 2015 and 2016. It is closely followed by Taliban who did 1,952 attacks, then Communist Party of India-Maoist with a total of 683, followed by Houthi Extremists with a total of 559, and lastly by Al-Shabaab with a total of 558 attacks in both years. Governments should focus their efforts to eradicate terrorism by holding negotiation talks with the leaders of the above-mentioned terror groups. The negotiation should be aimed at bringing understanding between the two parties and thus eradicating the terror activities in the country. All governments should work together to fight terrorism, no country should be involved in financing terror activities or tolerating any such activities within their borders. They should have a genuine interest and truthfully dedicate their efforts to ending terrorism. Without this, the efforts by others would not be fruitful.

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