The Conflict Between Evolution and Religion

It is real that conflict exists between religion and evolution regarding the creation of human being. With Christianity having a strong assist that creation came into existence in the e book of Genesis while on the other hand, scientists primarily based their support on the Darwinism theory developed via Charles Darwin, which purports that evolutions come from the elimination of the weak in the main referred to as the survival of the fittest whereby through competition the sturdy survives, and the weak are eliminated.
Charles Darwin famous work on the starting place of species through natural choice brought a lot of conflicts in which Americans still opposes evolution. Many debates and court docket sessions have been held to cut out the teaching of evolution in public schools. At the beginning of the 1960s, the US high court resulted in the issuance of strict regulations on the states that were against the teaching of evolution. Thus, the schools, law and government structures were allowed to teach the evolution, on the contrary, learning evolution science was banned in schools.

Charles Darwin theory of evolution gained momentum in various countries especially in Germany during the rule of Adolf Hitler known as the holocaust whereby he believed that better breed could be enhanced through the defense of the superior race. Adolf Hitler employed Darwinism theory whereby the weak were discriminated from the mightier which led to the elimination of over six million Jews and other individuals that were considered the weaker race.

Charles Darwin theory has brought a lot of conflict to Christianity whereby Christians believes that all individuals are the descendants of Adam and Eve and all the living and non-living are created by God, and they should be treated equality without any marginalization.


Creation versus evolution conflict

Evolution is the moderate changes that occur in an individual or something that make it fine or complex. Charles Darwin suggested a theory known as the theory of evolution whereby animals changed into a better breed when the remnants of a changing habitat were capable of passing their genetic characteristics to their successors. Darwin theory can be proved through the observation and use of scientific methods; which is through the remains of the fossils collected from various locations of the earth. On the other hand, creationism is the religious notion that all the living and the non-living creatures were created by God through supernatural power. This belief cannot be tested since religion bases their ideas in faith and strict understanding of the Bible and sacred books. Besides, religion supports the idea that everything on earth was created by God through the book of Genesis which clearly states that” in the beginning, God created heaven and earth” in which the book describes the sequence each creature was created. Religion argues that the universe was created more than six thousand years ago.

The conflict emerges whereby evolutionist supports that creationism arguments are not true since it cannot be scientifically tested and proofed while the creationism argues that evolution is just but a fiction since it does not recognize God as the creator of heaven and earth and it is just a theory. The evolution theory of existence which bases its evidence on observable characteristics cannot be compared to religion a belief that is supported in the Old Testament which was composed by the Israelites in the early 1400 BC, shows true account of creation. Evolutionist demands that a theory should be testable through the physical traits collected from the remains found on earth while the religion demands the recognition of a belief or sacred book without questioning it. Thus, the conflict between the evolution and religion will never come to a conclusion.

How the theory of evolution has shaped history

Darwinism theory has seen to have an effect in the history of many nations in the world. Most of the leaders have applied the theory of evolution in its ruling to maintain the superior group. The following explains how Charles Darwin theory has been embraced:

Darwin theory and the Nazi Race Holocaust

The famous Nazis and the first 1900 well known German biologist, unveiled in their research that Charles Darwin theory and books had a significant role in the Nazi formulated laws. In his ruling, Adolf Hitler concluded that human gene could be advanced through the selective breeding the way the farmers do to animals to get high breeds. The main factor that enhances the Nazi and World War II is the use of Darwin theory of survival for the fittest whereby the weak are eliminated from the society. It is argued that Darwin theory justifies and motivated the Nazi in war and race, if Nazi party had applied and recognized the idea that all individuals were the heirs of Adam and Eve and were equal in the eyes of the Creator as stated in the Old and New Testament books, Holocaust would never emerge. The extermination of Judeo-Christian belief from mainline German theology and its schools and replacing it with Darwin theory backed up the assimilation of social Darwinism that propagated the Holocaust. Darwinism, as adjusted by Haeckel among others, resulted in the death of ten millions of people who were in camps and over forty million individuals in a war that approximately cost seven trillion dollars. Also, what propagated Nazism to the extreme of the Holocaust is the recognition of Darwin theory among the learned and researchers in large numbers.

The theory of Charles Darwin acts in such a way that there is a creation of differences among the groups that live in society; the group with superior characteristics always survives while the weaker traits are eliminated. Adolf Hitler and Nazi part applied this technique which created class differences between the theologian especially the Jews and the people who had accepted Darwinism. In his speech, Hitler stated that to have good society” we (Nazis) should embrace and collaborate with science. Moreover, in the year 1925, Hitler concluded that adoption of Darwinism is the only way to make Germany great.

The work of Darwin as a Friend to Christian Religion

Darwin has always been regarded as the enemy to Christian religion ever since the evolution theory but one Aubrey Moore has a different perspective about Darwin, Moore recognizes Darwin as a friend to theology. Moore argues that Darwinism is not an enemy to religion and further embraces the theory of natural selection adding it into Christian doctrine as the ways through which God works. His argument can be supported in that through Darwin theory many responses have been looked upon on the problem that has been facing theology and various developments made including; amendment of few incoherent religion belief, inclusion of new religion ideas motivated by interaction with nature and review of religious belief that are rigid to change.

Darwinism has helped the Christian to come to an understanding that human being has gradual changes that take places within them due to the exposure in different surroundings through which they adopt measures that make them survive in that environment. The idea helped Christian understand and figure out issues from a different perspective compared to the belief of deity which at times is false.

How the theory of Darwin contradicted many of the core teachings of Christian faith

The evolution theory as argued opposed many of the lessons of Christina faith in that it resulted in high rejection from the churches in Britain and America. The Darwin idea that human beings came as a consequence of a gradual change is contrary to the biblical teachings in the book of Genesis chapter one whereby all the living and non-living things came as a result of creation regarding God’s image. Before the theory of evolution developed by Darwin science has concluded that the beginning of life and development of creatures were constant and unchangeable which had a common idea with the biblical teachings.

Also, the concept from the Darwin theory that man evolution of man is linked to common ancestry with mammals due to the tailbone seen in human beings totally contradicted with the heart of religion and other beliefs whereby man is seen as the first creature since they have the resemblance of God’s image. Furthermore, the Darwin notion that the world is a harsh and savage place referring to the world as the cruel place to live in contradicted with theology belief that the world is a peaceful place and God cares for the natural world. This notion brought up bitter and instant response from the religious institutions, for example, the superior ranked Catholic official in England, Henry Cardinal Manning termed Darwin theory as insensitive when Darwin argue that there is no God and man emerged from an ape. Also the Anglican Church Archbishop of England, Samuel Wilberforce criticized the natural selection in 1860 meeting of British Association for the development of science referring to the idea of natural selection as insufficient. Wilberforce at one time asked Thomas Henry Huxley, the Biologist if he was the ancestor of an ape from the grandmother or grandfather lineage. Thus, the idea of Darwin received a lot of opposition from various churches as well as clergy in Britain and America.

How Darwin work is appraised today

Despite the conflict the theory brought and negative feedback the theory received, the theory is still used in today’s world most especially in teaching biology in schools. The theory of natural selection whereby the weak are eliminated and the stronger species survives in included in the biology curriculum in the topic of evolution. Darwin work appreciated in other churches most especially the Catholic Church whereby they regarded evolution as a strategy in which God wants biological advancement, and no individual should criticize the function of God as the only creator of the human being.

Furthermore, Darwin theory is taught in schools without much conflict as it used to be in most parts of the United States; whereby more than forty-eight percent recognize the Darwin theory. Besides, churches seem to accept Darwin theory in a statement in September the Church of England made a public apology to Darwin apologizing for the misunderstanding they created among the people and admits that the natural selection brought tremendous changes in the way of thinking in the religion system.

In conclusion, the publication of the book on the origin of species brought a lot of controversies with the faith doctrines. In particular, the evolution whereby man is linked to the originate from the ape and unrecognition of supreme God as the only creator of the human. Despite the controversy, the theory helped to shape history more so during the world war one and the Nazi regime in Germany in which the leader Adolf Hitler believed in the natural selection theory by Charles Darwin which he applied in his ruling to get rid of the weaker race. Furthermore, Darwinism has still received appraisal in particular to the biological advancement in which it used to teach students and research.


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