The Class Dismissed - Which Character Would You Rather Have in Your Classroom?

This full-length, classroom-comedy production is an all-time favorite of high school and community theatre audiences. It's the story of an idealistic English teacher who holds her toughest students hostage. Watch the hilarious film and see which characters you would rather have in your class. If you're curious about what makes this play such a hit, read on. Below are some of the main characters. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Class 507

A 5th grade class in a fictional school has been thrown into a crisis: there is no teacher. Their science experiment goes horribly wrong, and now there are no rules or homework. The students are expected to pretend to be a normal classroom while trying to stay alive. It's not long before Maggie takes control of the class and starts implementing teamwork and cooperation. But she soon gets into trouble, and the principal gets wind of the situation and sends them home for the winter break.

Miss Clover

As the title indicates, Miss Clover, a young office worker, makes the class's life more complicated for her students. Other notable teachers include Miss Goldfish (who wears a flashy orange dress and huge false eyelashes), Miss Presto (who spends most of her lesson demonstrating magic tricks), and Mr. Weed (an old, stodgy man who teaches Ancient History).

Miss Presto

An investigation by the Herald-Tribune has revealed that the Charlotte school district could have reported Presto's case for misconduct, but did not do so. Though the accusations were serious, officials said Presto did not violate the law. A teacher could be dismissed for violating state laws, but a local school district cannot do so without a background check. Presto's dismissal could have had devastating consequences, and the Department of Education could have suspended or revoked her teaching license.

Ms Bryce

Ms. Bryce's class must keep a secret. But how can they do that? And how can they protect the secret without being spotted? This comical novel by Allan Woodrow makes the topic of working together an important one. Even though Ms. Bryce may not have been the best teacher in the world, she's an interesting character to read about. And she's not the only one who finds working in groups difficult.

Ms Bryce's worst class

Ms Bryce's worst class is dismissed, and everyone is furious! The fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Bryce, spends her days screaming and punishing her students. The students are sick of her. Eventually, Ms. Bryce quits her job due to an office mix-up, but Samantha is determined to keep the news to herself. The book's premise is based on a true story.

Ms Bryce's homeschooling strategy

If you're looking for a great story, you've come to the right place. Class Dismissed by Allan Woodrow is a funny book that teaches a valuable lesson about working together. Ms. Bryce's students must work together to keep a secret, and it's a very clever story! You should consider this book for your homeschooling strategy.

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