The book Influence: The psychology of Persuasion by Cialdini was first published in 1984.

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The book Influence: Persuasion’s Psychology by Cialdini was first published in 1984. Cialdini cites several psychological studies where multiple variables are evaluated to assess their ability to affect decision-making by individuals. Not only are the discussions highly instructive with regard to the power of influence, but they also provide fascinating reading. The author incorporates individuals’ real-world perspectives that he describes as compliance professionals. These people have an obligation to get others to do things. Marketers, spiritual leaders, psychologists, social workers, as well as politicians are among the people. Cialdini explains six critical tools of persuasion, which include reciprocation, social proof, consistency and commitment, authority, liking and scarcity. The fundamental of the authors_x0092_ thesis is that each principle is effective most of the time since they are reasonable. The book presents numerous lessons that apply to every individual_x0092_s daily life.
First, I have come to understand that it is of great value to give than expecting to receive something. The book makes me learn that we should be doing things for the world at large and not doing them for the sake of gaining favors. From the book, it is clear that if you manage to solve a crucial problem that is affecting your audience, they will most likely give something back (Celdini). That is how one can manage to build a successful brand. Everybody has one thing that they can give freely. I have learned that I can offer my time by providing consultation and some advice, giving my expertise such as teaching individuals on the things that I know can positively influence their life, offer gifts, and free content.
I will apply the lesson by focusing on solving the problems at hand. A case in point is giving my services to individuals who are in need of it. This simple mindset change can make a difference in the world. It does not matter the industry in which one works. I plan to offer psychological advice covering different topics to different individuals through the social media platform. I will also provide my time to the youths struggling with the various psychological issues so that we can share and enlighten them on how to handle some aspects.
The second lesson from the book is learning to choose my watchwords. Word association is the oldest psychological concept that has been existing in the world. Cialdini teaches that it is vital for one to prime their startup based on the keyword that is defining your organization or something that you are doing. It is essential to make it clear to other people of the things for which one stands. It is evident that the top brands have mastered the need of associating themselves with keywords and that is why we remember them compared to brands from the less established brands. Based on this concept from the book, I will choose a brand name that is unique and one which my target audience will easily remember. I will focus on giving my services to an individual audience such as the youth, children and the elderly.
Another crucial lesson from the book is that a business can be successful if you get as many people as possible to your side. The concept explains why the book has been relevant to the field of business. The social proof chapter has essential lessons for any person intending to be an entrepreneur. It is clear to me that if I plan to open a business in future, I will have a hard task of building up my loyal customers_x0092_ base during the initial days. After linking myself with some loyal customers even if they are few, I will be in a good position of bringing in others. Social proof will help in ensuring more individuals try out my services or products. I can achieve this by creating a successful blog in the social media or through reviews. Many people have the tendency of trusting the service or products that are offered after getting information from others that they love. Such is the core reason why a great percentage of people trust the online consumers_x0092_ opinions. I have learned that social proof is a critical ingredient in the online marketing since people tend to copy the buying habits of others. I will embrace the use of testimonials from the other customers and invests some time in Facebook and Twitter to establish a following.
The books teach that business people have a minimal amount of time convincing others that they have a great idea (Cialdini). The cash flow issue makes some entrepreneurs to lack the patience of waiting for many years so that people can notice their work. They have an urge that they have to be identified at the moment, and this creates the value of scarcity. The books help one in understanding what scarcity is and how one can control it as part of the business. A person should make feel people understand the need of embracing their product or service now and not later. Such is achievable by delivering quality products or services. The book motivates me to understand my customers_x0092_ needs and desires so that I can offer then quality services and this will boost their loyalty.
One can influence people by making them like their services or products using different strategies. The idea if attractiveness can help in gaining conversions and customers (Cialdini). I have learned different ways of making people like your persona. This can be through the use of pictures of persons, using normal human voice while writing content and creating an active and positive social presence. The book has enlightened me on the need of using normal voice and writing and not giving jargon-laden content (Cialdini).
It is important to understand another person_x0092_s self-image since it helps in creating a pitch that resonates with the self-image of the target audience. I have realized from the book that creating small commitments will eventually invite further commitments. A person can be successful in the things that they are doing if they create consistency and invite commitment. I can create consistency by clearly understanding who my clients are and create a persona if there is a need. I need to identify a way of directly speaking to the target audience_x0092_s self-image and desires. By doing this, I will be establishing influence. It is crucial to exemplify a commitment to the things that one does. For example, if one follows me on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, they will learn more about my brand, and they will be committing towards my direction. If they do this, they are likely to make another commitment in the future. Even in the future, I will be willing to be committed to doing some small things such as filling even a questionnaire for a person as it will boost their commitment.
A person can construct their authority depending on the products they offer and the mode of delivery. If a person has a well-defined niche, there is a high possibility that they will become the authority in that area (Cialdini). With more presence, information, and content one will be able to grow their platform and be able to assert their expertise. They will also gain the respect and recognition of other people within that niche. Other lessons, which I have learned that can help in creating an authority is advising, recommending, and giving people information on the things they can do as well as the mode of execution. The lessons will assist in clearly identifying my areas of expertise in the future and consistently getting up to date information. I will be giving people advice by using the knowledge and expertise, and this will help in boosting my authority.
Lastly, a person working in any industry need to learn always how they can improve in their respective fields. Cialdini_x0092_s work presents numerous lessons, which can boost the performance of any organization. It can also trigger an individual to adopt strategies that will have a lifelong impact. The books present various lessons including embracing the value of urgency, getting a large number of people to be on your side, the need of choosing your watchwords correctly and that is better to offer something that receiving. It is essential to master the power of persuasion since it has the potential of taking a business to untold heights.

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