The Black Lives Matter Movement

Social Movements and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Social movements all around the world are familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement, which was founded by three black women. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a civil rights organization dedicated to combating the dehumanization of black people in American society (Carney 2016, pp. 185). At its inception, the effect it has had on the political and legal landscapes of the United States cannot be overstated.

Black Lives Matter (BML) and Its Members: Why Did They Form?

BLM is a large organization of liberators who believe in an open membership and include people from all over the country in fighting bigotry and abuse against the black community. Black Lives Matter initially started in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who murdered Trayvon Martin in 2013 (Carney 2016, pp. 186). The movement has a collective number of associations, each with a distinct history of why it was formed.

Objectives for the Formation of BLM

The formation of BLM was driven by the court ruling, which ruled that George Zimmerman was innocent after murdering a black person. This led to several protests from prominent black populace towards violence inflicted on them (Carney 2016, pp187). Currently, it aims at fighting for the rights of the black community and how they can get justice in America.

What Black Lives Matter Movements Fight for in Society

Ideally, BLM is a member-led global organization where members are planned to build local power as a way of intervening in cases of violence infliction on the black communities. BLM has a political ideology where they fight to get the rights of the black people valued (Pellow 2016, pp225). Another major social issue the group fights against is the corruption and racism by the police officers in the United States of America.

International Context of the Black Lives Matter Movement

A fascinating concept of the movement is that over three continents across the world are concurrently adopting the fight against racism. There are many incidences of racial discrimination globally, and fight against it has taken center stage where policies such as those used by the BLM are applied (Pellow 2016, pp.6). Many nations and international organizations articulate the need for fighting racism, increase job opportunities, and augment the level of income of individuals.

Similarities of the BLM to other Social Movement in the World

Just like other movements in the world, BLM uses media to pass their dissatisfaction to the authorities. The use of non-violent strategies like boycotts and peaceful demonstrations is both common in the Black Lives Matter Movement and other civil rights movements (Pellow 2016.pp 227). Most social movements are localized, whereas BLM uses social media, and their members can protest and stay away from certain products all over the world.

The Implication of the Success of BLM on other Social Movements

To a great extent, the BLM has succeeded in articulating their problems and creating awareness among the black community. Other social movements across the world can borrow the use of social media to air their grievances and in return, increase pressure on the authorities to react (Ransby 2015, pp 33). Another significant success that can be learned from BLM is the use of non-violent means to fight for their constitutional rights. Excessive use of force is not the only way social movements can employ to fight for their rights.

The Success of BLM and Obstacles

There has been a notable success since the inception of BLM. It has influenced the contemporary thinking of the citizens on what democracy means to them. Individuals have learned how to converse about police violence. Additionally, BLM has succeeded in influencing how Americans talk and think about their freedom (Ransby 2015, pp 33). By being a movement against the federal police, repulsion has been experienced, and sometimes violence used against this group.

Why the Movement is Important to its Members

Black Americans use this as a platform to pass their concerns to the government and fight for their rights. Unrelenting work of the members on the issue of the police killing of innocent American blacks, corruption cases helped to foster the release of reports by the US justice department about the persistence of corruption in the police departments (Rickford 2016, pp 35). Various grievances and ideas from members can easily be shared by the use of social media platforms by the group.

Who Opposes the Movement?

Operations of the BLM have not been smooth as it gets opposition from different sectors. The United States police are the greatest objectors of this movement as it directly talks about their department (Rickford 2016, pp. 35). They have not taken the claims lightly as it exposes their injustice acts and corruptions. The federal US government also opposes the movement as it talks against the government and how it operates. White Americans, on the other hand, feel that the oppression by the police applies to the citizens of either race equality, so it is not unique to the blacks alone.

Strategies Used to Undermine the BLM Movement and its Dangers to the Members

Black Lives Matter operations are gaining momentum, and the US government is not taking it lightly. Social media use by the association is prohibited, and certain items are not allowed by the government to be shared. Protesters are also arrested to tame the group not to proceed with the strikes (Rickford 2016, pp. 35). The violence carried by this movement threatens other citizens since the actions can result in injuries; hence, they should be avoided.

When and where a Social Movement like BLM is needed and its Future

A social movement is needed where human rights are violated by the authorities, and the rate of corruption is high. Changes give members a collective bargaining power to air out grievances. In countries where militia groups are terrorizing the citizens, inhabitants need to create social movements to curb this menace. The future of BLM is oblique as the United States governments are not in favor of this group and are trying to control it by all means.

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