The Alcatraz Island


This famous island is located in San Francisco, CA. It was built as a prison because from 1934 to 1963, America's most dangerous criminals operated in that region. Famous hardcore mobster Al Capone "Scarface" was held in prison between the years 1899-1947. Also, "Birdman of Alcatraz," also known as Robert, was convicted for 73 years and served his time. Ultimately, the prison was closed down because it worked at a very high cost. Two years after the closure, the prison was invaded by Native American activists. Alcatraz's design was intended for the introduction of history, especially in the penitentiary years where there were hardcore prisoners who named themselves ‘the rock.’ Therefore Alcatraz is commonly known for its maximum incorrigible prison and also a prominent place for tourist attraction.

The Maximum Security Prison

As a historic site, Alcatraz was located there by San Francisco Bay because they believed that no prisoner would ever escape. As much as Alcatraz became synonymous with the maximum security, it also had mobsters who had powers just like the law enforcement officers. Its location also made the prison to be set up there. Since there was a belief that no prisoner could escape, Alcatraz strategic design was only accessible by use of a boat. Therefore, even if the prisoners tried to escape, then they would not go far because of the surrounding of water.

A Legacy of Alcatraz

Located in San Francisco, Alcatraz is now considered to be a legacy because of its former Federal penitentiary. The memory of the prison era also makes the area to be famous. The history of Alcatraz is also very fascinating to discover since it had trends of activities that took place. For instance, there was the military fortress especially in the Civil War era as well as the revolutionary of the Indians that occupied the Island for 18 months. Also, the Island was known to be a place of gathering foods and camping. At some point, the Spanish people also lived there in the year 1769 and some of them even living in the far end of San Francisco. The US Army also used the place as a military fortress army back in the 1800s especially during the civil war era. The Island was also famously known to have a valuable gold field that belonged to California. The Island today has become so famous that tickets are sold online primarily by the NPS tours. The place has also become a tourist destination because of its prison facilities.

Escapes and Reputation

Commonly known for imprisoning the slaves that the Spanish-America got hold of, the US ended up building there. The construction today is known as the largest steel concrete that has ever been reinforced in the World. Back in them days, the Alcatraz prison had imprisoned a total of 1,576 convicts. Later on, thirty-six prisoners had attempted to escape the prison 14 times. Only five inmates managed to disappear in the suburbs of San Francisco. Later own two were recaptured and returned to jail. Ever since then, no convicts have ever escaped again thus making the place to be known as the Rock.


In conclusion, the Alcatraz Island has a trend of activities that took place in the colonial era. Finally, the enhanced design of the prison has still made it famous especially when one visits San Francisco.

Work Cited
Oliver, Marilyn Tower. Alcatraz Prison in American history. Enslow Publishers, 2010.

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