The 2001 produced 52-minute documentary

This 52-minute documentary from 2001 explores various perspectives on work.

In contrast to the past, when the industrial revolution provided jobs, much of it has now been phased out due to technological advancements. However, the introduction of technology has altered the nature of work, as shown by numerous facets of life.

The film highlights the ever-decreasing utility of semi-skilled labor in the context of globalization.

This can be seen in the comments of Mexican factory workers, French middle-class youth, and economists, to name a few. Worse, the documentary emphasizes that the demand for semi-skilled labor is dwindling by the day, to the point where people will need to move to other places where jobs exist. With continued globalization, labor is constantly got from various parts of the world. This only leads to phasing out of the middle class as this labor at the cheapest level will remain less cost effective as compared to the available technology as an alternative. With such a trend, an estimated 9 billion people will be unemployed by 2050. The documentary thoroughly explains the law of demand and supply with regards to labor.

Under capitalism, the film suggests that in the later future, there will be a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Unlike in the past, there were more jobs for people as compared to the predicted future. Previously, a capitalist needed more workers to earn. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of employing less and earning more. This film portrays that the economic inequality gap is only going to get bigger over the years to come.

Under the labor process, as opposed to the exploitation that existed in the industrial stages, there was work for people.

The film shows that in the later days to come, not even work will exist. It will leave people with the option of giving their labor below a reserve price, accepting exploitation as semi-skilled laborers. This is due to the replacement of laborers with robots and other high level scientific and technological inventions that have replaced humans in this present century.

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