Technology and Its Impact on Society

Technology in the 21st Century

Technology is a very interesting field and in this 21st century, it has incredibly advanced. Lives have improved due to new and improved innovations, as well as easy and fast access to information. New expertise basically includes; original schemes such as operational and hardware structures, new software such as ordinary or middleware merchandises. New main forms of prevailing soft or hardware and new substantial purpose powered by current hard or software (Witten). Despite the good that comes with new technology, there are also challenges attached to it. Inspirations behind a newfangled technology need to be tacit before the implementation is done.

Challenges of New Technology

One of the numerous challenges of new technology is that it has aided people, who are not in the media industry, to give bulletins and provide significant annotations, thus having free entrance to broadcasting. Non-journalists are able to print their own news and bloggers have turned out to be more prominent than recognized reporters, and are even alluded to by correspondents, particularly during the voting season. Administrative personalities also use the social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to associate with supporters. People are now able to access information and air it fast before it arrives in the newsroom and others even publish their own substitute accounts of incidences if they feel that the news agencies are providing fabricated material. Such cases have previously befallen countries such as China, where regular inhabitants uncovered broadcasters whose evidence turned out to be incorrect. Fresh mass media have started to revolutionize the customary broadcasting scenery and seemingly, the organization of power to the general public. Scott’s idea of infrapolitics is gradually being validated. To what extent has new technology aided ordinary citizens in accessing and broadcasting information prior to original broadcasters?

Works Cited

Witten, Bekah. Implementing New Technology: Challenges, Advantages and Goals. 23 May 2017. 23 January 2018.

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