Society and School System

Parents have distinct expectations from the education system whenever they take their kids to school. Most of the needs from parents are always diverse. There is that team of parents who want nothing to do with school and ta have the organization take care of the needs of their children including motivation barring educating their children. The other group of mother and father comprises of those who want to be absolutely involved with the learning institution in the administration of their children’s academics. The group constantly communicates with the school administration to check on the progress of their children. Some of the parents favor a combination of the two scenarios, while others prefer the second option. In either way, all parents want their children to succeed in their studies.

Regarding the education system, all parents will be more comfortable with a system which ensures safety for their children devoid of bullying behavior and emotional trauma as a result of bad behaviors. All parents desire to engage with an education system with open and honest communication. Furthermore, parents aspire for education systems which respect their children’s and family privacy at school. Parents too, want a system where children are motivated to explore various areas of research and come up with unique findings to boost the mental development (Baker). However, it must be noted that most schools have been unable to provide the appropriate skills to trigger the minds of the children to stretch further and be innovative. Most schools focus on results and the theoretical part of education whereas real live problems require practical solutions.

Also, the society expects a school system that promotes a smooth transition from one system to another. Whether a child is at the kindergartens, the society expects a school system to prepare the child for the next level of education all the way to the university level. The society expects the teachers to treat the students just like their own children and teach them with compassion and love (Baker). Also, the society expects the system to instill good values in the lives of the young ones. Such values include honesty, trust, faithfulness and integrity to ensure that the children grow to be loyal citizens in future. Furthermore, the teachers are expected to correct bad behaviors in an honest manner and avoid victimization of those who display bad behaviors.

In addition, the society expects a school system which trains children to be independent individuals, making judgment and decisions with limited external influences. When students learn to make independent decisions, external influence will be limited which in most instances result in skewed decisions. The school system should provide a good learning environment for the students. An environment that is welcoming and conducive to focus on studies. Students always sense when they are not liked, just the way every other person would feel in a hostile environment. The school system must therefore, provide a fair environment which accommodates every student irrespective of their weaknesses (Spring). The environment should provide community based learning that offers accommodations and teaching that measure up to the unique needs of every child.

The society also expects a school system to support the curriculum activities to boost the physical health of the students. A school system is expected to meet the requirements of sporting activities required for each level of education to ensure that students are not only mentally developed but also develop their physical skills. In this light, a good school system must nurture talents and other skills outside the classroom setup. It must be clearly understood that not all children are good in class work. It is through a good education system that such groups of students discover their talents and improve on them.

One of the critical requirements of a school system is to be accommodative especially towards those students with disabilities. Such vulnerable groups always experience moments of depression and low self-esteem whenever they do not fit into a school system (Salomon 157). The society has several ways of accommodating such groups which include loving and encouraging children with disabilities. In a similar manner, a school system must devise methods and ways of ensuring such groups do not feel neglected and abandoned. They must enjoy the same services as their counterparts. A school system should encourage such groups to look beyond their disabilities and focus on their academics.

The society has lauded many schools for encouraging students to work hard thus driving away laziness among young people. With regular assessment tests, students have learnt to work hard and give their best in school. It is therefore, the expectation of the society that when a student joins school, they must develop the virtue of hard work and determination to excel. Whereas the society expects a lot from a school system, parents must be willing to offer the required support for the success of their children. The role of ensuring that the children excel in academics squarely lies on both the teachers and the society. Parents must constantly encourage the teachers by listening to their complaints. Also, parents should encourage their children to put more effort, love them unconditionally, irrespective of their performance in academics.

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