Self-Censorship Facebook


According to the paper, Facebook is an example of a self-censorship social platform where users engage in a private and hidden manner from other users. It is clear that Facebook has been essential to online advertising and campaigning efforts. The report makes recommendations for how Facebook has continued to dominate social media platforms since the creation of the internet. This has been made possible by the special services and user-friendly tools that make it simple to create groups and fan pages about a person or collection of people that can only be used for personal and private matters. However, I feel that Facebook does not fully offer the necessary self-censorship since; a concluded research suggested that the Facebook administrators and server facilitators usually conduct constant surveillance of what transpires on Facebook for safety and security purpose.

Limiting Access to Posts

The paper is accurate by saying that posts made on Facebook have limited and only authorized viewers. For instance, a person can post something on Facebook but limit the people that will have access to it in his or her account or group in which the individual is a member. The self-censorship of this concept is evident since only a few people will have to see or read the post thus preventing denying access to people who can uproar and unnecessary suggestions and comments. The Facebook Corporation also has Copy Rights that regulates its users on the retrieval of information and how the endeavor is conducted. Nevertheless, the paper fails to explain the settings concepts on Facebook. Facebook has a self-censorship in the form of settings that provide control to the user by offering options and suggestions that are in line with his or her preferences and the changing trends that are worth noting.

The Role of Cookies

The document does include any historical data or statistic that may form a vital part in providing the evidence necessary in supporting various concepts. Nevertheless, the document points out on one instance of Sleeper et al.'s post to support that cookies forms an essential role of censorship and advertisement in Facebook and Search websites. Cookies are unnecessary files contained in various online websites that retrieve information of the visitors as well as informing them about different services and tools that the website may be offering as secondary to its main purpose. This concept of cookies is debatable about the effectiveness of its censorship. Cookies receive information about the visitors and send it to the administrators and the people managing various online sites that may be of interest among internet users. Also, the concept has received a lot of criticism for its individual commercial and ideological interests.


In conclusion, I feel that document has only explained a few of the concepts on how Facebook can serve as an ideal self-censorship model which includes the Facebook groups that limit and regulates the members and the use of cookies. Apart from the paper failing to have a research question, concepts on locking and sending direct personal information are not explained. I also question the security of the censorship of Facebook since cases of intrusion by hackers and members who do not comply with the set governing rules and regulations are rampant. Materials present in the paper have tried to bring out the originality of the topic. However, the paper provides for further research into other models of other online self-censorships.

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