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Massive resources are required for Forcier to complete its project. Its projects require a lot of activity and human resources, both of which must be paid for. The corporation frequently needs government assistance to fulfill its duties. Operating in a crisis situation presents several difficulties and raises operating costs. Several developing and developed countries have been devoting a lot of money to research that aid in risk identification and strategy development. Governments have a responsibility to provide detailed information about the various crises that affect their regions. Sometimes, government lack required experiences and workers to examine a crisis to obtain relevant information that would help plan how to help the people (Martinsuo, Tuomas and Teemu 733). Forcier has the necessary structures that help collect data in disaster zones as it has developed mechanisms and trained people how to work in disaster zones. The organization can, therefore, collaborate with government institutions and carry out is activities. The government agencies can finance its operations, help it acquire equipment for use in moving around the disaster zones and even provide cash to pay Forcier, staff. Many of the crews do not offer their services voluntarily. They must be compensated as they depend on the work for survival.

Secondly, many international organizations deal with disasters mitigations and planning how to help people involved in a crisis. International organizations such as the Red Cross, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, the United Nations development program, Save the Children and World Bank are among international organizations that can finance Forcier activities. The group mentioned above is involved in many charitable events aimed at uplifting people's living standards. In many occasions, people are affected due to natural calamities such as drought, floods, and diseases outbreaks. The crisis exposes people to untold suffering and in many circumstances lead to loss of life. The organizations take part in disaster activities in various ways. For example, they fund an organization that helps publicize what people are going through (Mir and Ashly 203). Forcier will be paid for collecting data in disaster regions and presenting the information to the group for actions. In many occasions before the organization implement program to mitigate disaster, they survey the areas to ensure that they will do help the people. Sometimes the organization cannot study calamities before providing help to the people, as they are involved in numerous activities. Forcier can, therefore, collaborate with nongovernmental institutions and use their resources to study disaster zones in time of crisis. Correspondingly, the agencies have staff in different regions working on their humanitarian project. The team has enough knowledge of the people and areas. Forcier can train such people on how to survey disaster regions in times of crisis.

Moreover, there exists independent organizations and individual who help people involved in disasters. For example, the Bill Gates foundation runs a charity organization to help people affected by drought, floods or famine. The group provides funds to evacuate the people to safe regions in case of drought or floods. When people are affected by hunger, the group buys and distribute the victims with foods. Forcier can be contracted by such agencies to survey disaster regions and provide information that will help the organizations respond better to the disasters.

Sectors it can Find Market

Increasing human population has placed undesirable stress on existing natural resources. It is common for people to fight over control of natural resources such as water, grazing grounds in case of pastoralists (Burke 14). Forcier can provide credible information that will help analyze the impact of conflicts on society. The data can be used to educate people on the need to use peaceful conflict resolution methods instead of resorting to violence. The nature and magnitude of conflict are changing. It has become harder to understand causes of violence in many civilizations. Many people are willing to study causes of ferocity to gain a deeper understanding to develop strategies to help the people but have not been able. Many people in their private capacities do not know how to operate in a disaster environment. Forcier had over the years acquired expertise and skills on how to navigate in different calamities to collect information.

Secondly, the need for better health cannot be underestimated. It everyone right to access quality healthcare. The need to obtain better healthcare services presents opportunities for the business to thrive. Disasters significantly affect people wellbeing. Tragedies such as floods present people with numerous challenges (Mir and Ashly 206). Calamities claim thousands of innocent lives yearly. Health practitioners require information to plan how to respond to health needs of the people. Forcier will, therefore, be contracted by health providers to collect data on their behalf for use in preparing how to respond to misfortunes.

One of the fundamental roles of the media is to inform the people and educate them on what is going on in various part of the world. Media houses are not restricted to reporting activities going on in peaceful environments (Kerzner 26). They must also report what is taking place in disaster regions. They must indicate how the people are being affected by a calamity to make the world informed to plan a response that will help the people. In many occasions, media houses do not have the required equipment to operate in disaster regions. Similarly, media houses staff might not have the expertise to work in disaster regions. The media house will thus contract Forcier to help them report on what is taking place in a disaster region. Forcier will then be paid for its services.

Implementing organizations

Studies done about various calamities will be of no use if they are not implemented. Information collected about a region affected by a catastrophe will only be useful if it is executed to ensure the disaster does not take place again. Various organizations take part in implementing strategies that will prevent a given catastrophe from taking place. For example, the Red Cross has been actively involved in activities aimed at equipping people with the skill needed in times of disasters. The Red Cross trains individuals on how they can rescue and administer first aid to victims affected by various disasters (Martinsuo, Tuomas and Teemu 745). The World Bank has been implementing policies aimed at reducing the spread of desertification in many civilizations. The United Nations Development Program has been involved in activities aimed at preventing recurrent of floods by collaborating with people and governments in the development of features that help reduce floods in a region. Information provided by Forcier will be critical in helping the organization know which policies can best meet needs of people in a given areas. Sometimes lack of knowledge makes the various body not respond to calamities different people are facing.


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