satisfactory results in the interdisciplinary team

We need to engage a family member in the interdisciplinary team for satisfactory results, especially if the patient was escorted to the hospital. The member will be of great use in providing a history of the disease and the events of that fatal day. The triage nurse was also a significant contender at the time because they should have gotten the patients' treatments based on the severity of their ailment. The doctor who attended the patient should be included in order to diagnose and treat the patient. Also, the charge nurse should be active in providing the patient's progress throughout the period they were present. The pharmacist should be included to tell what medications were administered to the patient and if they were of quality. Furthermore, the clinical officers should be incorporated as they tend to come into contact with the patient. Also, they play an important role as they can speculate if the hospital and various medical practices were met. Moreover, the pharmacist should be included in the team. It would be to advise if the medication that was given to the patient was in line to the symptoms that were affecting the patient.

The hospital management team should also be incorporated in the FMEA; this is because they are responsible for day to day operation of the hospital. In this case, they should be able to tell the team if there was a lapse in the departments involved. There is the need to also, include a member of the family in the team to ensure that all the questions that are raised by the family members are answered. Additionally, a family member can be in a position to disclose if the patient had a preexisting condition that can go a long way in establishing the cause of the issue. Another key member who should be included in the team is a government representative. It is to ensure that the process of failure mode effect analysis is undertaken and include all the set procedures. The government agent should make sure that at the end of the day the family and the hospital representatives agree and that the final result does not contain any conflict of interest.


The following steps should be considered the FMEA. First, collect all the relevant medical documents and information concerning the patient from his family this would help analysis the patients' condition. Secondly, form a FMEA team. This team should be able to review the process to be used to gather information for the cause analysis. Thirdly, the team should list the potential failure for each process, which will include from when the patient reported to the hospital up until his death. They should review whether the hospital's process and shifts were carried out in order.

Fourth, In case there was a failure in the various departments this should be brought to the table. The failure effects should then be looked into and what could have resulted in the failure. It then leads to the failure mode and the rating of how severe each effect could be. The FMEA team should be able to identify the causes and controls in place to detect the failure. The formula of risk priority numbers to each potential failure should be engaged which identifies the most critical failure. With this team, it is now able to determine specific actions with the persons responsible.


The nurse to begin must have undergone nursing training so as to be able to carry on with the demanding roles. As part of their roles and responsibility, they should keep patients record, administer medications as prescribed by the doctor, monitor the patient and in the case of any emergency, they should escalate the same to the physician. They should also be able to educate the individuals and family of the patient so as to be able to cope with the illness. Nurses should also ensure they function as one with every other department in the hospital to avoid failures to occur.

When they carry out their responsibility in a fair manner, they contain event details of information concerning the patient. Also, they come into contact with the doctors who were responsible for treating the patient. Thus they stand a bigger chance to provide every detail of how the doctor was treating the patient and of as per their judgment the due process was carried out. It makes the nurses be in an excellent position to influence quality improvement in the entire process as they can be in a position to give first had details of all the involved parties. Nurses play a significant role in also, disclosing all the relevant information concerning how the progress of the patients. It is because they tend always to spend the most time with their patients. As such they should provide every detail in the entire process to help in establishing the cause of the problem and thus assist in classifying the scenarios from the worst up to the very least one.

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