Review of Art Exhibition

Stuart Davis is one among America's first modern artist and considered by many the father of the popular culture . He began his work with the Ashcan school before shortly following the Europeans modernism. Davis had tons of determination to convey something from the American form of government and blend it with the buyer culture.
Among his achievements, Davis is credited with the thought of developing American variation of European's idea of bringing forth their art through movements using music, literature, and architecture at a time when civilization was starting to engulf the nation. The artist was the one who to fuse jazz and swing with the painting which created a visible rhythm in his paintings. Stuart is considerably a key figure in the development of American modernism. His works at the de Young Museum have demonstrated his ability to incorporate the imagery of pop culture, the aesthetics of advertising and the sweet rhythms of jazz. The combination makes the work of Stuart impressive works that buzz an infectious energy. Davis is regarded as the pioneer of the pop culture. He managed to do this by grappling with themes related to the popular culture, media, and consumerism through the description of the billboards, household items, and tobacco products. In this exhibition, some of his early theoretical works are showcased. A painting of lucky strike tobacco boxes and Odol mouthwash jars rendered in a synthetic style that flattens texture to the canvas surface. The flattening tone enables the artists to show his love for the spectrum of colors but his main point across is populist, which are evident from the details of the printed packaging to the racing results in the sports pages. The artist is successful in passing his message on the exquisite details shown on the exhibition pieces.The painting of Egg Beater series further depicts his style. The paintings include the four portraits that feature an electric fan, rubber glove, and a titular eggbeater that Davis, merged with color and line. The artist has employed the art of using pieces with detailed information, which makes his message easier to understand.Davis is an artist who depends on the details of his paintings to pass his message across. Here is an artist with the aim of perfecting his work to the core. He would use bold and pulsating colors while interjecting the planes to mimic the sounds and rhythms of jazz music (Dofman, 2016) Davis had the ability to transform ordinary consumer products into works of high art that influenced the people into the pop culture.Lucky strike is a testament to his ability to apply European painting techniques to the American subject. He incorporated different techniques to his paintings and still managed to come up with essential pieces. He proved resourceful by looking beyond the available resources in his homeland and hence incorporated the ideas carefully to relay his message to the Americans. Mostly, Davis paintings conveyed the message of American consumerism showing he was patriotic to his land. Davis is a modern artist willing to use humor and willingness to pun to relay his message. Such traits draw an audience to any artist. He uses visible and graphic elements to his paintings to illustrate this. He employs the use of humor and pans through the titles of his work. He opted for titles that have rhyming structures. The mood is evident in the title Owh for one of his pieces.Davis pieces hold up nicely when subjected to printing reproductions. The prints are made easy due to the painting's ability to possess polished edges, thick lines of artistry and most importantly the contrasting colors of the works. His works feel fresh and authentic even though more than half a century has passed since they were made. The artist had the ability to distil paintings down to their vital elements as observed in the Orange and Black item. Proper arrangement of the exhibition is paramount if the gallery aims at ensuring that all the pieces in the showroom have the adequate space for viewing. A vast open space was allocated at De Young Museum for this purpose and spatial arrangements designed for each of the Davis' exhibition. The method provided the piece with ample space for viewing which meant that all the details of the art were observable.The spacing of the exhibitions made the art pieces accessible to visitors of all kind. The presentations showing a different period were allocated space and theme that would take the onlookers to a view across the art history. De Young Museum correctly allocated space according to the needs of the paintings and this enabled the museum to reap the full rewards of their maximal use of space.Davis is artists full of detailed pieces of art, but at the time, he is known to over complicate the issue as observed in the art, The Paris Bit. He pictures the Paris Street with a large flask, espresso cup, and club soda bottle. In addition to this, the arts have large-scale text, different blocks of blue, white and red coupled with chaotic outlines. The image possesses a disordered feel, which renders the art upside down. The artist used many details to explain the view of the Paris Street and should have opted to go with either one or two of the pieces he used as a flask of a standard size to go with the espresso cup.The scale text of The Paris Bit could have standardized to a font more pleasing to the eyes of the people. Davis could have also employed the use of fewer blocks of the colors and provide the art with clear outlines as he utilized in the rest of his pieces. Use of the tactics mentioned obliterates the feeling of the art being upside and provide a clearly visible art.Presenting an excellent exhibition calls for experts to look at everything from a wider perspective. Knowledge of the language of the region the display is set to be performed is vital, as you will meet people from various cultures and languages (Johnson, Smith & Cotter 2016). These aspects have an impact on the exhibition. Preparations before the show are important for the artist to maximize their opportunities. The artist ought to have goals in mind and the ways to achieve the target. The staff should be trained properly in areas such being friendly to the customers as the stand might at times be intimidating to them. It is, therefore, the work of the staff to ease the transition of the user and make them comfortable around the paintings. Exhibitions come with their difficulties and are a massive playground where the artist should stand apart to make his brand and presence bigger.ReferencesDorfman, J. (2016). All That Jazz. Art & Antiques, 39(6), 16.Panero, J. (2016). The gifts of Stuart Davis. New Criterion, 35(1), 86-88.Wilkin, K. (2016, June 28). ‘Stuart Davis: In Full Swing’ Review: An Artist Who Resolved to Be Modern. Wall Street Journal - Online Edition. p. 1.Johnson, K., Smith, R., & Cotter, H. (2016, July 15). Art: Museums. New York Times. p. C14.

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