Religion of sociology

Liberal Quakerism

Liberal Quakerism is a classic mystical form of Christianity in which a sect of Christians known as Quakers looks to the Bible and Jesus for guidance in life. Quakers are united in their recognition of the presence of God in everyone and ultimately rely on constant revelation and spiritual discernment as their primary sources of direction and authority. Additionally, because we were all made in God's image, Quakers believe that everyone has inherent goodness. This belief is known as the divine right (Martin, et al,.342). This divine light resides within each person, and it is what leads us to our proper relationship with God as well as setting an example for the world by informing others. Moreover, Quakers believe in equality of people, peace in the world, God speaking to people through inner voice and personal experience with spirit although they don't have a creed or doctrine.

Ideals of Quakerism

I think Quakerism concepts are practical and applicable because they closely match my beliefs. Just like Quakers, I believe in a direct and personal relationship with God hence pastors and priests are not necessary for intervention between individuals and maker. It is only Jesus who can speak to us and therefore, everyone is responsible for his or her spiritual development. Moreover, I am always convinced that the Bible is not the last revelation of God to people. This is because he speaks wisdom from the Bible to our hearts, by inspiring us through the Holy Spirit as we read the scripture similar to how He inspired the writers. I agree with Quakers that if one can faithfully wait in silence upon God, He can speak to us directly through the inner voice. Also, I consider that social and human distinctions like race, gender, honors, and class are meaningless before God because we are all equal in the eyes of God, and all of us are His children.

Work Cited

Martin, David, Dedong Wei, and Zhifeng Zhong. Sociology of Religion: A David Martin Reader. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2015. Print.

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