Religion Around the World

The reading emphasizes the importance of event documentation and recording, which may aid in determining the exact evolutionary period during which a given occurrence or major event occurred in the future. This action ensures that proper records are kept, that they are accessible, and that information is passed down from generation to generation. Documentation also aids in comparing the progress that has been made and the current state of affairs. Documentation will aid educated people in learning more about the history of their language, customs, and values. Historical records will allow for a comparison of how traditional values have evolved over time. The reading also brings about the aspect of communal togetherness. A form of cohesion exists in people who have a common literature and philosophical traditions. Common language brings about a better understanding of each other and establishes a communication network that gives confidence and harmony to the participants. Family and communal events such as festivities bring people together and keep them united. The Hindu’s rich mythology about gods like Shiva, Kali, and Vishnu is an inspiration to self as well as communal establishment into a strong religion custom. It gives the community a common point to focus upon strengthening communal bonds.

The reading teaches us to love our neighbors, to develop good relations amongst ourselves, and to develop universal ethics bound by love thereby creating a favorable and social involvement. If such conditions prevail, the communal wellness and peace are fully assured.

The reading challenges me on the availability of my traditional archeological discoveries. Tradition gives the sense of belonging to some given community, and when that link is not there, it becomes difficult to relate to any community and to learn what the society expects us to emulate.

Based on my Christian values and the belief of one God, I am left to wonder how the Hindu gods, like Shiva and Krishn were of purpose to the Hindus tradition. Their modes of worship, their code of dressing is smoothing of interest knowing.

I disagree with the reading that Hinduism as a coherent religion belongs to the same creative era that saw the birth of Christianity, Rabbinic, Judaism, and Islam. The latter has their emergence fully documented and recorded in books of history and the exact archeological periods for the emergence have been established, the former however lacks any documentation to help locating the time during which it was established. Therefore, the statement that all developed during the same error is somehow misplaced.

Some scholars also argue that the today Hinduism emerged in the late eighteenth and earlynineteenth centuries because of British rule in India. In the eighteenth century, the technological advances at that time would have allowed the documentation of emerging religions. This implies that if Hinduism emerged within this period, archeological evidence would have proven it rather than just basing it on thesis.

The reading gives the feeling of isolation. People in the world have a strong foundation on the origin of their tradition and are deeply rooted in their values and beliefs. This gives a sense of belonging and a norm to pass on to the coming generations. For the Hindu, the fact that archeological discoveries have not been able to accurately place their neat evolutionary category may give that sense of isolation from your past, your ancestors, and your origin.

The practice of Yoga gives a feeling of hope. Yoga being the best-known philosophy school in the Western world is a discipline perceived as leading to salvation. Its appeal is in the way it guides practitioners to a liberal achievement for the salvation.

This reading reminds me of my own tradition and its values. It reminds me of the importance of community festivals, devotions, and pilgrimage and brings to light how technology has revolutionized my beliefs and changed my perception of ideas. Since the past decade, there has been an eruption in technological advances. This technology has changed life in many ways, including the ease with which to perfume given tasks. The main concern in technology is data storage and retrieval as compared to those days when such means were not available and their impact on our daily lives.

The reading portrays the importance of technology in the past centuries, incorporated with the ability to write and record information. This is portrayed clearly based on the availability of written Chinese information describing tradition Hindu life. Even though the advances in technology do not prove reliable information at all times, it has allowed certain clues to be developed. Such clues may provide the basis and the direction to proceed in establishing the validity of the research findings.

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