Reflexive Letter

I was once born and brought up in western parts of North Carolina which is a beautiful mountainous land. Being the first and the solely child of my parents Lloyd and Dedri, I was added up in a system of overprotection and great care. All I needed used to be provided besides receiving a lot of love and attention from each of them. Gifts were the order of every other day and some thing I desired, my parents always went out of their way to provide. During vacations, we always spent our days away from domestic as we visited tourist sites and vacation destinations. I can't recall a single vacation we spent at home when my father was alive. However, at the age of 5, the ugly hand of death snatched my father away from us and this signified the beginning of many changes in my life. The attention, the gifts and many other goodies that I received from him came to an abrupt end. The frequent vacations ceased too since all along he was the sole breadwinner of the family. Since my father did not have much savings at the time of his death, my mother had to look for a job so that she could manage to keep the family running.

After completing high school my mother, Dedri did not have enough money to take me to college and so I became a cop due to lack of a better option. It was during one of the few vacations as a cop that I met my wife and we got married. There were both good and bad moments in my life as a cop. The most unbearable moments were missing the birth, the first steps and the first days at school for my three children Leyto, Reece and Tucker. Missing my family was the order of each day and night and I would long for the next vacation to spend time with them. I feared that my children would grow up without the love of a father like I did and this made me quit my job after eight years. However, life as a cop offered some good moments, the awards that I received and the love from friends is still something that I hold dear to my heart to date.

It was during the beginning of the year 2016 that my mother, Dedri was diagnosed with cancer. The pain and anguish that she went through was truly unbearable. We were always in and out of hospitals, attending chemotherapies and getting this medicine and that. There were days that my mother would sigh and wish that her final day drew nearer. On August 2016, all these pains were brought to an end as my mum finally breathed her last. It was a moment of grief and relief at the same time. I was grieving because I had lost my only surviving parent and was relieved because I had become tired of seeing her go through excruciating pains.

It was during my days as a cop that I gained an interest to pursue a career in physical and respiratory therapy. Whenever we went out on duty, there were always cases of cops fainting and losing their breath due to exhaustion and pain. Some became physically disabled but the disabilities would be reversed by physical therapy. This is the degree am currently pursuing and I focus to use it to change the world.

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