Rape Victims Among Men

Rape Victims Among Men

Rape is described as the act of compelling another to engage in sexual activity without their consent. Both women and men are vulnerable to rape in today's society. On the other hand, female victims receive more attention from the government and the community than male victims. Discrimination in culture is communicated by the different treatment provided to victims depending on their gender. Rape is a threat to both men and women. In the past, men were thought to be the perpetrators of sexual assault. However, times are changing, and women are increasingly becoming sexual predators. Therefore, the society needs to change the perception and accord both genders the necessary attention for the victims of rape. The community believes that women are more vulnerable to rape leading to a situation where male victims do not get serious attention.

The Perception of Men as Stronger

The society considers men as stronger than women (Gutman 286). Therefore, it is easier for a woman to convince the community that a man raped her than for a man. Cases of rape for a man do not receive serious attention for the belief that women cannot empower a man. However, the vulnerability of a man in the presence of a considerable number of women increases making it easy for women to rape a man. Similarly, a man becomes helpless, when intoxicated making it easy for the women to rape him. However, the society does not consider the circumstances surrounding a rape as possible. The community views the man as a strong individual with the ability to protect himself at all times. Hence, the cases of abuse do not get the necessary attention due to the perception of masculinity.

Biological Vulnerability of Women

Women are more vulnerable than men are in biological terms, because of the natural structure of their bodies. It is easier for a man to force a woman to sex because their bodies do not require stimulation as the bodies of the men. The biological explanation makes the men appear as the perpetrators of the criminal activities. Whenever people hear about rape, they assume the men are responsible. It becomes hard to change the perception and view the men as possible victims for the crime. A consideration of the fact that men are becoming more vulnerable will go a long way in explaining the rise in cases of rape. If the male victim of rape were a child, the society would agree to the vulnerability of the situation. However, for a grown up, the circumstances change and the society becomes oblivious to the possible risks.

Society's Association of Male Rape with Male Perpetrators

The society associates rape of male victims with environments dominated by the men. If a man reported any case of rape, the common perpetrator would be another man. Therefore, at no point were the women considered as people behind the sexual abuse of the men. Changing the perception has become very challenging. It becomes hard for the society to understand the analogy in women raping the men (Love et al. 4). A combination of the previous belief and impracticality of the situation makes it hard for the authority to give the men the same attention given to women. The situation needs to change since it is now evident that both genders experience the same level of vulnerability. The natural inclination of the body is no longer a good protective measure towards the vice.

The Perception of Men as Offenders

The perception that males cannot be victims of rape makes it hard for the authorities to get psychological preparation for the cases. In the past, abuse was a sign of male domination over the women. More so, the society considers the men as more sexually active than women (Schocket 20). The perception creates the belief that men would be more interested in sex than women. If a man were to rape a woman, the sexual activity would explain the occurrence. However, any case of a woman raping a man would go against the social believes making it hard for the society to grasp the details of the problem. Any seriousness on the issue requires an open mind that admits the sexuality of an individual does not depend on gender but rather an individual.

Challenges Faced by Male Victims

Male victims of rape experience challenges in explaining to the public the vulnerability of the situation. The male victims feel humiliated by the issue making it hard for them to report the issue. The society fails to take male victims seriously because of the belief that men are more masculine compared to women making it hard for the women to rape them. Moreover, it is a common belief that men are the possible offenders in any rape case due to the structural inclination of their bodies. The belief makes it hard for the victims to receive justice from the government. Changing the situation requires the men to report the cases of rape in the exact magnitudes to raise the necessary attention towards the position. Failure to make the changes will leave the men suffering in silence while the offenders run scot-free.

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