Project Conflict Management

Conflict Management Strategies

Conflict is defined as a major disagreement between two or more parties, as author Hari Singh outlines in his book "Conflict Management in Asia" during and after the cold war. According to Singh, totalitarian countries frequently have problems, either locally or internationally, as compared to countries that practice democracy on a daily basis.

Compromise as a Conflict Resolution Method

Singh has emphasized effective conflict resolution strategies. Compromise is one method of settling conflicts in which each party withdraws their interest in the disagreement in order to achieve mutual gain. By use of compromising as a way of resolving conflict Malaysia and Singapore are able to resettle their disputes, from a distance one can see the high interdependency between the two countries, despite being involved in a conflict they have never been involved in military war. The two countries enjoy benefits like sharing railway lines which are used to transport goods from Malaysia to Singapore and vice versa hence the two countries economic growth due to the transportation of goods to and fro (Lee, et al, 2017).

Force as a Conflict Resolution Method

Use of force is another way of resolving conflicts in this one of the party involved uses its power to sabotage the other party in order to get its own interest. The United States is a superpower country so in the fight of denuclearization in North Korea, United States intervened to ensure North Korea would not produce more nuclear energy weapons because it would pose threats to the entire world and it would also pose threats to the United State since it is a superpower.

Collaboration as a Conflict Resolution Method

Collaboration is a method of resolving conflicts where by two parties merge to enjoy ones interest in the conflict. Upon the collaboration between China and the United States to fight against Vietnam, the economic growth of China increased since she traded goods in the United State because in the war between Vietnam and the United States, China offered backup security to the United States. The United State in return came back to its relationship with Vietnam a decade (Wallensteen, 2015).

Third Party Intervention

The use of a third party is another method of resolving conflicts, this is where the involved parties involved in the conflict they cannot come into terms with each other hence they need another party to resolve their conflicts. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the East Asia Summit, Council for Security Co-operation in the Asia has helped in coming into terms between the North Korea and China conflict (Lee, et al, 2017).

Conflict Resolution in Prisons

Prisons and jails are meant for the law breakers who are found guilty, where they serve their sentence and after completion of their sentence they are sent back to the community as reformed men and women, however conflicts arise between the correctional officers and the inmates. Thomas Christian in his "Conflict management and conflict resolution" highlights on how conflicts can be resolved in prisons (Wallensteen, 2015).

Rehabilitation and Collaboration in Prisons

Through rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with the community itself, it has helped offenders to come to terms with the community which they have offended. The community itself gets to know why the offender committed the crime. Once the offender has completed his sentence he or she will get back to the community knowing that they will be welcomed since the community forgave them (Lee, et al, 2017).

Through collaboration of the correctional officers and the offenders, conflict will be managed in the prison, by initiating T.A.L.K which stands for Teach Each Other and Listen to share information and Knowledgeable, by use of this method the offenders are able to air out their thoughts and the correctional officer is able to understand them (Wallensteen, 2015).

Conflict Resolution at the Local and International Level

In African tribes, wrongdoers are brought before the elders together with the people who they have offended and a judgement is passed. The correctional officers should spend more time in solving conflicts since there will be less or no hostility in the society (Wallensteen, 2015).

International bodies can also be used to manage conflicts. The United Nations deals with conflicts mostly concerned in military war between two or more countries while World Trade Organisation deals with conflicts arising in trade between countries (Lee, et al, 2017).

Handling Conflict in a Globalized World

The rise of political and socio-economic relations needs new methods of handling conflict. The local framework is important as the interest of the nation. Local framework can be regionalized or internationalized, that is, a conflict happening inside a country can command attention in other countries either regionally or internationally. The Korean Peninsula has attracted attention in the international forum due to her production on weapons on nuclear energy. Here Korea has given a good opportunity for countries to be in a good relationship and it clearly indicates the roles played by international countries. An example is the United States where in her power she is able to fight against Korea while China comes into collaboration with the United States to back up security against Korea (Wallensteen, 2015).

International Legal Agreements

Use of international legal agreements can be used to solve conflicts between a local and international conflict, by this means that there are some laws that are drafted by international bodies that are used to govern the border of two or more countries. The South east of China Sea had a dispute with Japan on Senkaku Island but the Chinese government positions are established in at the International standard on the law of the sea hence the international body solved the dispute, similar challenge was at Vietnam in Nguyen Hong but Vietnam government policy are established in the international standard law on the sea.


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