Procrastination and Laziness

Kotler defines procrastination as the state of avoiding a task that needs to be accomplished; it is a chronic problem that needs to be addressed.

He brings out a case of an executive publisher, Capp Robert, who tends to procrastinate. Laziness is distinctive as lack of desire while procrastination involves delaying appetite. Timothy Pychyl, a psychologist, recommends the deployment of emotional administration skills to address procrastination. He says "we are given a certain quantity of time and we have to use it".

Procrastination creates a gap between the person’s actions and intentions.

Someone like Robert Capp suffer a awful feeling when he decides to delay. Procrastination is considered as postponing irrationally of some important tasks and prioritizing on less critical tasks and these results into a negative attitude. It also builds up on anxiety that tells one is not doing what they are supposed to do. Many psychologists believe that procrastination comes with overspending, overeating and gambling addiction.

Kotler describes the consequence of procrastination as threatening job performance, undermining team spirit and job security. It also injects stress to relationships at home and to fix it is not easy, with psychologists spending nearly 40 years and failing to identify the core problem. According to Capp, "procrastination has affected every part of his life." (323) alcohol and drugs had become the tools for encouraging procrastination, and by this, it leads to addiction which lasts for years, that even when sober, the urge to procrastinate cannot be satisfied.

I agree with Steven Kotler’s illustration since the effects of procrastination don’t lie within the aspect of life, but they spread to other elements if not controlled. Timothy says it "reflects a mismatch between the brains and the environment." (323) People also don’t work best under pressure, but they do better when they are more relaxed and have more time when they can think clearly about an issue.

Works cited

Kotler, Steven. "Escape Artists." Science, vol 323, no. 5912, 2009, pp. 307i-307i. American Association For The Advancement Of Science (AAAS), doi:10.1126/science.323.5912.307i.

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